3 posts from day 29/10/2012

99-cent News!

If you like reading on your e-reader, Arthur Grey's first adventure is just 99-cents for Kindles or Nooks! Get it for 99-cents at Amazon! Get it for 99-cents at Barnes & Noble!

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Photo of the Day: Arch

A few years ago, I drove through St. Louis, Missouri, passing by the famous Arch. I didn't go in it this time, but I did once before. I remember that experience pretty well -- waiting in line while surrounded by plenty of chances to buy postcards, t-shirts, or coffee mugs about the Arch, and then clunking upward in a tin-can with seats. (My apologies, Missouri, but I don't like small spaces!) But it does give a pretty grand view once you get out of the elevator. Everyone who goes to MO should ...

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Review: Golden Scarab

The Golden Scarab by S.W. Lothian My rating: 2 of 5 stars I give three stars to books I enjoyed while reading; two stars to books that are barely ok. This book deserves a 2.5 stars.The Golden Scarab is an adventure story about a twelve-year-old boy named JJ who gets a chance to go back in time to ancient Egypt in order to restore peace to the spirit of a famous mummy in a modern museum. With the help of some friends, JJ travels around Egypt on his quest to help the good gods keep the powerful ...

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