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The Amazon Contradiction

Sounds like the title of a newly discovered Ludlum book, doesn't it? But no, this one is actually real. Amazon.com has one of those dream-come-true stories. Started in some guy's garage, a big, seemingly impossible, dream, trying to give regular joes a cheaper -- with more diverse options -- type of book-buying experience. Investors gave them money so they could survive without a profit for five to six years (thus able to undercut the big bad bookstores). The company did better than anyone in ...

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The Lowdown on Book Reviews

Book reviews. Authors crave them, readers refer to them, magazines flaunt them. They’re necessary. And that’s that. Right? I guess not! Turns out that’s NOT all there is to it. Have you ever read a book that got great professional reviews but you hated it? Ever had friends tell you that a certain book is terrible, only when you ignore them and secretly check it out, you find out that you really enjoy it? How can this be? Are reviews not all they’re cracked up to be? review: (v.) to ...

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