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Where to find Dragons

Dragons have been sneaking through caves, attacking villages, hoarding treasures, and exchanging riddles for ages. The dragon was even around in Babylonian times with the myth of a giant serpentine dragon who inhabits the sea and could only be killed by an arrow piercing its belly. But what do you really know about these creatures? Where do they live? What do they even look like? Are they enormous lizards or snakes? Do they live in the sea or on land? In Norse and Germanic legends, dragons ...

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Don’t miss Middle-grade Adventure!

I won’t deny it -- I’m biased when it comes to picking books. But it’s not my fault. The fun and the adventurous call out to me and distract me, so I pick them as my favorites. Oops, that means I miss some of those books that other people think are great. Alas, can’t get ‘em all! If you have a favorite book that you think should be in this category, make a comment and let’s see what others think! For now... Today's top-ten list!Middle-grade adventure authors you don’t want to ...

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