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Next, Arthur goes to …

If you've read The Minotaur Riddle, you probably figured out that Arthur Grey is all geared up for the Department of Investigations. And that sounds like it's in Egypt! Are you ready for pyramids, Cairo, scarab beetles, curses, and a mysterious eye? For now, get a peek at some facts and legends from the land of Egypt.    

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Review: Golden Scarab

The Golden Scarab by S.W. Lothian My rating: 2 of 5 stars I give three stars to books I enjoyed while reading; two stars to books that are barely ok. This book deserves a 2.5 stars.The Golden Scarab is an adventure story about a twelve-year-old boy named JJ who gets a chance to go back in time to ancient Egypt in order to restore peace to the spirit of a famous mummy in a modern museum. With the help of some friends, JJ travels around Egypt on his quest to help the good gods keep the powerful ...

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