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7 Tips to a Successful Arts & Crafts Show

Since this is the time of year when I attend a lot of holiday shows, I've decided to use that topic for a post. I’ve been selling my books at arts & craft fairs for several years now, and over that time I've been learning plenty of tricks and picking up on advice for what to do (and some things NOT to do) to have a successful show. Whether you're an author selling books or a jewelry maker or other craft seller at a fair, this information will be useful for you! My very first craft fair ...

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Happy Holidays! Sneak Peek from Arthur Grey Book 4

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a peek at a scene from The Discoveries of Arthur Grey BOOK 4? Not yet seen by anyone else, this is a special little gift just for you! In this next book, Arthur and his dog Griffin get to visit his bubbly friend Pernille and her family in Ireland for Christmas. Arthur is expecting a relaxing time, not an eerie one. Here's part of that chapter:        The car jerked to a sudden halt, nearly throwing Arthur into the dashboard, and ...

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Book Gifts for Kids

Here come the holidays, and it's time to think about the special kids in your life! Since books make perfect gifts, here's a list of some of the books I and a few of my helpful kid readers have reviewed for you to help you choose the best books for your own middle-grade reader!     For the epic adventurer Middleworld (jungle adventure & Maya myth) The Dragonet Prophecy(dragons saving the world) Society’s Traitor (searching for a golden city & a magical bird) The Minotaur Riddle ...

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