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A Real Amazon Author

I finally got around to making myself into a "real" author on Amazon. (I know, it's about time, right?) I now have a profile there, so if you click on my author name on Amazon, you can learn a little bit about me and see all my books in one place. V.K. Finnish on Amazon    

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Match it on Amazon

Great news for Kindle or Kindle Reading App users! Amazon has a new program called MatchBook. If you get The Society's Traitor or the Minotaur Riddle in print book form (hardcover or paperback), you can get the ebook for just 99 cents! The best part is that it's all retroactive -- so if you EVER got your print copy from Amazon, you can get the Kindle edition for $0.99 instead of the normal $6.99! Take advantage of Amazon's deal for The Society's Traitor and The Minotaur Riddle.

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The Amazon Contradiction

Sounds like the title of a newly discovered Ludlum book, doesn't it? But no, this one is actually real. Amazon.com has one of those dream-come-true stories. Started in some guy's garage, a big, seemingly impossible, dream, trying to give regular joes a cheaper -- with more diverse options -- type of book-buying experience. Investors gave them money so they could survive without a profit for five to six years (thus able to undercut the big bad bookstores). The company did better than anyone in ...

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