Running with the Wolves

Do you remember reading Little House on the Prairie and shivering during the part about the pack of wolves surrounding the house, their howls rolling through the dark night air?

Well, when I recently visited the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, I got to hear something like that for myself. Granted it was daytime, and the wolves were comfortable and well-fed, but still — hearing them howl in unison in their own wild conversation definitely sent shivers down my back. It was pretty darn cool!

Besides the red foxes, Mexican grey wolves, and others I got to see, you can find below one of the tiny swift foxes and a hefty arctic wolf. These intelligent creatures are such an impressive and important part of our world and its eco system, and it was amazing to see them up close.

Swift Fox
Arctic Wolf

One of my particular favorites was a dark Timber wolf with bright eyes. He reminded me of Ingulf, Amr’s wolf in The Discoveries books.


Now, since I like reading so much, I thought one of the coolest facts about wolves is that if a female wolf finds an abandoned or lost pup that isn’t hers, she won’t chase it off or kill it like many animals do, but will take it in and raise it as her own. If you’ve ever heard the story of Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling), you might remember that a lost boy called Mowgli was found by wolves who took him in to raise him as a wolf. When the author wrote that book, he must’ve known that fact about wolves being so adoptive!


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