Reviewed by Kids Realistic Fiction #6

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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Denali
Title: Feathers
Author: Jacqueline Woodson
Rating: 5 stars
Feathers is about a black girl named Frannie who goes to the school called Price. There’s this new kid in class and no one knows who in the world he is, he doesn’t have a name. The kids in his class all call him Jesus boy because he’s white. Frannie’s friend’s name is Samantha. Samantha has been standing up for the new kid. Maribel has been complaining that whenever the new kid goes to her store he brings only pennies. The worst part is that Trever the school’s most meanest kid picks on him the whole day. Frannie’s mom has been really sick. Frannie’s brother named Sean is handsome but he is deaf. Every girl he meets likes him.
  I like the fact that all the 3rd graders (Frannie’s class) stick up for the new kid. I don’t like that Lila (Frannie’s sister) died.
  I recommend this to people who need hope. The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will love this.

Reviewer:  Sam
Title:  Drama
Author:  Rain Telgemeier
Rating:  4 stars
Drama is about a 7th grade girl named Callie who loves to be a member of the stage crew. She becomes friends with two eighth grade twins Jesse and Justin. As she waits for the play and works on it she faces friend troubles as well. As the play Moon Under Mississippi approaches the team comes across a few snags like barley having a tickets sold and a few props not working.
  I really liked this book. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I liked the part where they all went into the costume room. This was a fantastic book.
  I would recommend this book for fifth or sixth graders. Some words are a little bit hard to read. This book is mostly for girls boys can read this book but it’s mostly for girls.

Reviewer: Stella
Title: Love that Dog
Author: Sharon Creech
Rating: 5 stars
Love that Dog is about a kid named Jack who does not want anyone to see his poems. His friend wants his poems to be seen because they are good. One day they went to an animal rescue. All the dogs went crazy. Jack gets a yellow dog that is a sweetheart. Jack writes a poem about that day. He pleaded to his friend not to put his name on it.
  I really like this book. It is a book that has attention and teaches about poems. This kid is confident. It makes me curious if there is another book. It is a great book.
  I would like to recommend this book to kids and people who love poems. It teaches how to make a poem. It also has a lot of humor for people that like humor. This author is a good kid book author. This is a good book!

Reviewer: Sam
Title: How to Steal a Dog
Author: Barbara o’Connor
Rating: 3 stars
How to Steal a Dog is about a girl named Georgina Hayes who’s father leaves her mother, her little brother, and herself with nothing but a little jar of money. One day her best friend follows her home to discover that her family lives in a car. Georgina comes up with a good plan to steal a dog from some rich people who really love their dog so they will give her tons of money to have their dog back so then her family can buy a house.
  I thought this book was okay, it wasn’t the best but it was kind of interesting. It was weird because you never think that a little girl would steal your dog for money.
  I would recommend this book to fourth grade. It was really easy for me to read because it was way below my reading level.

Reviewer: Aspen
Title: My Life as a Stuntboy
Author: Janet Tashjian
Rating: 5 stars
My Life as a Stuntboy is about a boy and he says the first day of school is always the worst day ever. He loves to ride his skateboard. He and his friend Matt go to their favorite place. He has a dog and he is trying to preserve his energy.
  I really liked this book. I liked the pictures. I didn’t like is when he becomes a stunt boy at a young age. I did not like how he just accepted stuff without asking first.
  I recommend this to Coco because she is fun. Also, she likes these kinds of books. I also recommend this to my sister because she likes this stuff, and also because she likes funny books.

Reviewer: Jacob
Title: Game Changers
Author: Mike Lupica
Rating: 5 stars
Ben has the biggest dream to be a quarterback but every year he has tried he failed because the coaches think he is to small to be quarterback. This year it came true because Ben was tall enough to be a quarterback. Sam is one of his best friends and he is the cornerback. The hardest part for him was that the coach’s son was trying to be a quarterback.
  What I do not like about this book is that every single year Ben tries to be a quarterback he fails and he is better than all of the quarterbacks. What I do like about this book is that he finally becomes a quarterback.
  I recommend this book to people that like football.

Reviewer: Stella
Title: Hachiko Waits
Author: Leslea Newman
Rating: 5 stars
Hachiko Waits is about a dog that loves to play. Every morning Hachi woke up he would play with professor Eizaburo Ueno. The professor went to work one day. Then the next day and the next day. Then came a day, the professor did not come back. Hachi waited and waited until he grew old!!
  I really like this book. I like it because it is based off of a true story. This is a sad story but that dog shows that he loves is owner. Hachi is a loyal dog. He waits and waits for his loved one. Hachiko is a good book. It is a book of a loyal dog!! Hachi is a good dog.
  I would like to recommend this book to people who love and like dogs. Also I would recommend this book to people who love loyal dogs and animals. Hachi teaches a lesson that is to love your pet no matter what. I would like to recommend this book to them because Hachi is a good and wonderful dog. From watching the movie and reading the book I love dogs more each time I read it or watch the movie.

Reviewer: Gentry
Title: Flush
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Rating: 5 stars
Flush is about a boy named Noah. His dad is in jail because he sunk a gambling boat named the, Corral Queen. Now it is back in the water and floating, he had a right to sink it because it is dumping sewage water into the Florida ocean. At that time, Noah had got his dad out of jail, and now Noah and his dad have to convince everyone about the Corral Queen so it will get shut down. That is what happened in the book Flush.
  I liked when Noah’s dad sunk the Corral Queen. I also liked when they were trying to convince all of the people that the Corral Queen was dumping sewage water into the Florida ocean. I dislike when the Corral Queen was dumping sewage water into the Florida ocean. I also disliked when they got the Corral Queen up and running. Flush is a really good book.
  I would recommend this book to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I would have them read this book because it would keep their interest. I would also recommend this book for them because it is at their reading level. I love Flush. It is one of the best books I have read.

Reviewer: Tyler
Title: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Author: Barbara Park
Rating: 4 stars
I read Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. Junie B. is almost six years old. Junie B. is starting kindergarten. Junie B’s mother met her teacher at her new school. Her mother talks to the teacher about the bus. Junie B. wants to know about the bus. Junie B. didn’t have an answer so she screamed it out loud. Then they told her about it. Then she rides the bus but she doesn’t like it so she hides. Then she gets in trouble. Then she goes home.
  I recommend this to girls.

Reviewer: Tyler
Title: Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed
Author: Barbara Parks
Rating: 4 stars
I read Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed. It is a good book. It was picture day for her. She was wore her new dress and it has a dinosaur on it. There is a cheese man at her school.
While Junie B. was talking, the cheese man said, “Say cheese,” but she did not want to say cheese.
So she said, “I don’t want to say cheese.” But while she was talking he took a picture. She said, “Hey!” Her teacher told her to come here. Then a boy told her that a monster is under her bed. Then her friend Grace told her that they can turn invisible. Then she got home and they took a vacuum and vacuumed it out. Junie B. was happy that it is out. She started to run. Later it came back and she got her school picture and she did not like them. She put them under the bed to scare off the monster.
  I recommend this book for girls.

Reviewer: Melissa
Title: On the Far Side of The Mountain
Author: Jean Craighead George
Rating: 5 stars
The book On the Far Side of The Mountain is about a teenage boy named Sam Gribley who lives with his younger sister named Alice on a mountain in the forest. He lives in a tree that is six feet wide. He also made a bed and stove/fireplace to have the place cozy. His sister’s place is up in a tree about a quarter of a mile from Sam’s home. She has a bed, a desk, and her wall and floor are full of fur that their pet falcon killed. Sam lost the bird named Frightful to a conservation officer as phony as a chipped chip. Then Sam’s sister ran away with a pig and Sam is trying to find her with his friend Bando. On the way they find clues. Some of the clues they find are a compass and a sundial that the author draws. They crawl into a forest near a waterfall just to find Alice! Do they find her? Will they get Frightful back? Or will they get a different bird? You will have to read the book to find out!!
  This book would be for 4-7 graders both male and female. There are some hard words and some picturing problems for the younger kids. There are also some sad parts in the book.
  I like this book. It was making me run on a treadmill from the first word to the last word! My favorite part was the part that the author was telling how to make a compass and other survival tools. You have to read this book!!

Reviewer: Aspen
Title: The Elevator Family
Author: Douglas Evans
Rating:5 stars
The Elevator Family is about a family who move in an elevator. This family walks in to an elevator and decide to move in. They have to sleep on the floor because the table took too much room for three nights. That is what  happened in the story.
  I liked when the family walked in to the elevator because their faces where funny. I liked when they had to sleep on the floor.
  I recommend this to first graders because it is funny.

Reviewer: Avery
Title:  The Good Dog
Author:  Avi
Rating:  4 stars
In The Good Dog, McKinley is the main character. He is head dog of his town. He lives with owner Jack. McKinley’s archenemy is a dog named Redburn. Redburn likes to hunt and track things. McKinley made a new friend named Lupin. McKinley has to stay faithful to his friends and help a friend before Redburn and his owners hunt and kill him and his friends.
  I liked this book because I like dogs and it was interesting with lots of mysteries.
  I recommend this book to people of all ages who like tales of danger and dog lovers because it has lots of dogs.

Reviewer: Gentry
Title: Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rating: 5 stars
Treasure Island is about a boy named Jim Hawkins trying to find a treasure before a group of deadly pirates do. One day, a man came into Jim’s inn and said,”Look for a man with one leg, he is after my map, so are many more.” A few days later, a second man named Dr. Livesey came in and told the first man that he was going to die of all the rum he was drinking and left (he had both legs). Days passed when a third man with both legs came in and tried to kill the first man, but failed. The third man left when shortly after, the first man had a heart attack but survived. A fourth man came in and killed the first man. Dr. Livesey came and examined the dead body to assure he was dead. After, Jim explored the first man’s room and found a treasure map. Dr. Livesey got a ship and crew to go after the treasure. Although, one of the crew members had one leg. His name was Long John Silver.
  I liked when, the first man came in. I liked that part because it was mysterious. I also liked when Jim saw Long John Silver. I think he was very scared to see the man with one leg. I liked those two parts the most.
  I would recommend this book to people who like pirates. It turns out, the book has a lot of pirates in it. If you like adventure books, this is your book. It has so much adventure that your head will explode. Treasure Island is one of the best books I have ever read!

Reviewer: Avery
Title: Game Changers
Author: Mike Lupica
Rating: 5 stars
Ben McBains biggest dream is to become the quarterback for his team. Every year he tries out for his little league football team he always gets a different position then the quarterback position. This year he tried out but the coach’s son had a stronger arm. The Green Bay Packers were Ben’s favorite team and his favorite player was the QB Aaron Rodgers. The first game happened and Ben’s team lost the game. The Quarterback Shawn said it was his bad passes that made them lose.
  I liked this book because football is one of my favorite sports. It had lots of teamwork. I liked reading about Ben turning into the quarterback.
  I would recommend this book for eight years old and up. It’s great for football fans.

Reviewer: Breanna
Title: The Good Dog
Author: Avi
Rating: 5 stars
The Good Dog is about a dog named McKinley. McKinley has a swell life. He has a boy who loves him, he’s head dog, and he has great friends. However, things start to get rough. He finds a wolf. He gets scared and tries to protect his boy, Jack. But, McKinley is faced down. The wolf’s name is Lupin. She needs dogs for her pack, McKinley has to choose: protect his pup, the human Jack, or to join Lupin to roam wherever.
  I loved this book! It caught my attention because once I picked the book up I could not set it down. One of my favorite parts is when McKinley faces Redburn. Another part is when McKinley is in a tough situation. He’s in the doghouse. These are my favorite parts.
  I recommend this book to boys and girls. The action and every single part of the book will catch your attention. I recommend this book to all ages. You should read this book!

Reviewer: Breanna
Title: The Call of the Wild
Author: Jack London
Rating: 5 stars
The Call of the Wild is about a dog named Buck. He has a nice life with Judge Miller. He gets to play with Judge Miller’s children and grandchildren until he is dog napped. He is beaten and tortured, but in the end he fears nothing.
  I loved this book! It made me cry because he was beaten and tortured and a bunch of dogs die. It caught my attention because of the adventure streak that goes on and on and on. This is why I love this book.
  I recommend this book to thrill seekers. I recommend this book to thrill seekers because Buck is traveling everywhere! This is why I recommend this book to thrill seekers.

Reviewer: Vance
Title: The Hardy Boys: The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Rating: 5 stars
The Hardy Boys are two brothers who solve mysteries. Their names are Frank and Joe. Their dad is a famous detective. The Secret of the Lost Tunnel is the twenty-ninth book in the series of The Hardy Boys. In this book the mystery is about some person calling them saying a crazy general is going to knock on their door and not to answer it. It turns out he is not crazy and has a family mystery involving gold!
  I liked the book because it reminded me of the Tom Swift Jr. books (another series of books involving mysteries). Also, because it is a mystery series of books. The suspense keeps you reading.
  I recommend this book to people who like mysteries. It is easy to read and goes quickly.

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