Reviewed by Kids Realistic Fiction #5

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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Denali
Title: A Corner of the Universe
Author: Ann M. Martin
Rating: 5 stars
SPOILER WARNING! Hattie Owen is a twelve year old girl who doesn’t realize how small her tiny town really is. Hattie finally meets her uncle Adam for the first time. Adam has mental problems and been in a special school and now is finally coming home. Adam is 24 years old and still needs to be babysat. Hattie takes a walk and ever since Adam came, Hattie’s been finding Adam in town without letting Nana (Adam’s mom) know. The one thing that Nana doesn’t like about Adam is he loses his temper a lot. One day Adam goes missing and he doesn’t come back until Nana and Hattie find Adam laying in a shack with a gun in his hand; they found him dead.
   The sad thing is Adam died. The happy thing is Adam has given Hattie a lot of knowledge about the world around them. This book has a lot of feelings and thoughts.
   I would recommend it to 4th and 5th graders. I would rate it a 5 star book. Everyone will enjoy this.

Reviewer: Melissa
Title: My Side of the Mountain
Author: Jean Craighead George
Rating:  4 stars
My Side of the Mountain is about a young teenager named Sam Gribley living in the wilderness alone. While he was living alone, he learned to survive by eating deer, frogs, nuts, wild spices, spinach, oysters, fish, and more wild food. He made a home by burning out the inside of a huge hemlock tree. Sam made his clothes from the hide of a deer carcass that hunters could not find. He also raised a peregrine falcon named Frightful that he found on the side a cliff. Sam trains Frightful to get them small game that they share. A friend named Bando visits him once in awhile. Sam wrote on bark to keep track of what he was doing everyday. Will Sam live in the woods all winter or will he ever go home? You will have to read the book to find out!
   I love this book. It’s a book that teaches you to believe in yourself. My Side of the Mountain is an intriguing book. My favorite quote is: “I am on my mountain in a tree home that people have passed without ever knowing that I am here.” It shows how well he is disguised in his area. I really like the illustrations throughout the book. The pictures showed how he made the stuff to survive.
   I would recommend My Side of the Mountain to 9-16 year old boys and girls that like nature and survival stories. However, younger kids may not understand some of the words in this book. This is one of my all time favorite books.

Reviewer: Peter
Title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author: Mark Twain
Rating: 5 stars
Tom Sawyer is about a young boy who grows up in a small town. He lives with his aunt Polly but his favorite person to see is his cousin who he feels is the only one who loves him. This book is very interesting because it takes place in the old days.
This book is a kind of book that you just want to keep reading like eating as much cake as you want but not getting sick. I liked this book the most because it has adventure and good comedy.
   I recommend this book to people that like adventure and comedy. Also I recommend this book to people that like old time books like westerns. This book also has great words that will suck you in. So if you’re one of those people that reads for fun read this book.

Reviewer: Tyler
Author: Barbara Park
Raring: 4 stars
Title: Junie B. Jones Has a Peep I Her Pocket
I read Junie B. Jones has a Peep in her Pocket. It is a good book. Last summer Junie B. and her mom went to a school to roll Junie B. into afternoon kindergarten. Her mother made her go to kindergarten. On that day Junie B. made new friends and their names were Lucille and Grace. Junie B. called her teacher Mrs.
She has another name, but Junie B. just likes Mrs. and that’s all. Junie B. and her class sat in a circle. Then the teacher told them that they will be going to a farm. After that they had to draw a picture of a farm animal. Then all the kids showed their pictures to the class. Lucille made a flamingo and Junie B. made a rooster and she said  that if you had a dumb head it will pick at it. Junie B.’s mom bought Junie B. a farm outfit for the chirp. When they got there Junie B. hid under the seats. Mrs. found Junie B. under the seats. After that Junie B. was the line leader and she got to hold a baby chick.
   I recommend that girls should read this book.

Reviewer: Tyler
Title:  Junie B.: First Grader Toothless Wonder
Author: Barbara Park
Rating: 4 stars
I read Junie B.: First Grader Toothless Wonder. Junie B. and her class have to write in their journals. Junie B. does not want to write because she has a tooth that is loose and that tooth is driving her crazy. Junie B.’s class is having a speaker come to her class. They watched  a movie called “Dan, Dan the Soda Can”. Junie B. called her tooth a dumb bunny. Junie B. was the only kid who has a loose tooth and Mr. Scary said to Junie B. that she is a big girl. May asked Junie B. where is her prize. Junie B. asked her teacher for a prize. The teacher gave her a star. She showed it to May. When she got home she was talking to her grandfather and he touched her tooth and it came out. Junie B. started to run and yell. Then they both went to the mirror and Junie B. spit in the sink and blood came out. Then she got money for the tooth fairy. Her baby brother got a tooth when Junie B. got money from the fairy.
   I recommend this book for girls.

Reviewer:  Stella
Title:  Hate That Cat
Author:  Sharon Creech
Rating:  5 stars
Hate That Cat is about a child that is named Jack. There’s a black cat that bothers him all of the time. He had a dog named Sky and it died. He used to write about it but when it died he stopped. Jack got hit in the head by the cat with a nut. He was going to the living room for Christmas and to his great surprise he got a black kitten named Skitter Mcitter. He hates cats. But he loves the kitten.
   I loved this book. I loved it because the author had so much humor and inspiration. It made me want to read more.
   I would like to recommend this book to anyone who likes poems and writing. This is a good book for a writing class. Also this is a good book for a first grader to fourth grader to learn how to write.

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