Reviewed by Kids Realistic Fiction #3

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Reviewer: Stella
Title: My Life As A Book
Author: Tashjian, Janet
Rating: 5 stars
My Life As A Book is about a boy named Derek who does not like to read. He has to read three books and has to do a book report on one of them. Derek also has to do vocabulary on the book. Instead of writing them he draws the words. It is summertime, and Derek read an article about this girl that drowned at Martha’s Vineyard.  He got caught by his mother reading it. Derek ran out of the window and on the roof he went. The next day he went to work with his mom, she is a veterinarian. He went to the back of the office to see all of the animals. Derek found a pet monkey. He pulled the monkey out of the cage. They got out when his mother was reading. They watched a movie and went to Mike’s house and they talked about the girl that drowned in Martha’s Vineyard and Mike said that the girl’s name was Sharon. Mike tells Derek that he is going to go on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Derek got jealous. Then Mike asks his mom if Derek could go, at the same time Derek asked his mom if he could go, Derek’s mom said yes, but Mike’s mom said no. Derek’s mom said that they will plan a trip to go to Martha’s Vineyard. Derek’s mom gave him a book to read, but he threw it across the floor. A few weeks later they packed and left for Martha’s Vineyard. When they got there they went to talk to the mother of Sharon. She told them that it was very sad because she was talking to a friend and all of the sudden there was screaming. Three days later the family left the island. When they got back there was a call, it was Carly,  Derek’s best friend. She said that her pet died when they were gone. It was the first day of school and the book review was not done.
   I really liked this book. I like it because it has a lot of funny parts. What I did not like about this book is that there are some parts that are boring. It will surprise you!
   I would like to recommend this to third, fourth, and fifth graders, mostly the fifth graders because it will sink them in to the book wanting to know more. This book is coolness!

Reviewer:   Denali
Title:   The Great Gilly Hopkins
Author:   Katherine Paterson
Rating:   5 stars
The Great Gilly Hopkins is about a twelve year old girl who is a foster child ever since she was three. She got stuck in an old house with the Trotters. Since she moved there she started a plan to escape and find her mother. After a few months the Trotters get sick but not Gilly who has to take care of everybody. One day Gilly’s grandmother unexpectedly came to take Gilly with her. She leaves to be with her grandmother and mother who are still on the plane. Gilly saw her mother and she isn’t what Gilly expected. So she calls Mrs. Trotter and said she is going to live with the Trotters forever.
   I like the story because it is an adventure and that she got up and chose who she wants to spend her life with. The sad thing was that she doesn’t like her real mother.
   I recommend it to fourth, fifth, and sixth. It has stern parts and hysterical and tragic parts.

Reviewer:   Mallory
Title:   PIE
Author:   Sarah Weeks
Rating:   5 stars
PIE is a book about a woman named Polly Portman. She lived in Ipswitch, Pennsylvania. She loved to make pies that melted in your mouth. After her long, happy life, she passed away. There was a girl named Alice and she had a friend named Charlie. Polly loved Alice so much, she gave her cat to Alice before she died. The cat’s name was Lardo and he was big, fat, grumpy, and old. Even though Lardo was a grouch, Alice loved him. Alice had to make the pies to fill in for Polly after her death, until the town found another pie making machine. There was a contest to see who would be the next pie maker. Alice’s mom made a pie that looked like a bunny died in it. Alice had the piecrust recipe from Polly and she kept it in her room. One sunny day, she took a bike ride, and Lardo was in the room. When Alice came back, the recipe was gone. She thought that the cat ripped it up, but she was wrong. That night someone came in and took Lardo and the recipe. Alice and her friend, Charlie looked around for who it was. Alice blamed some other people that didn’t do it. They later on found Lardo, but not the cat-napper. They saw a woman that looked like she stole Lardo and the recipe, but she was the wrong person also. Finally they found the thief and everybody was happy, even Lardo; he turned out to be a joyful cat. The end is like heaven is coming with a sprinkle of sadness.
PIE is a book to love. My favorite part is when Alice’s mom made a pie. She made a pie that was gross.
   I don’t want to eat that pie. It is tragic when Polly Portman dies. If you don’t know what to do with yourself, read the book PIE, it will blow your mind away.
   I recommend this book for girls. If you are a boy, it’s a smaller chance that you’ll like it. It’s a book to read when you are by the fire. If you want to feed your mind, read the book PIE.

Reviewer:   Denali
Title:   Ida B
Author:   Katherine Hannigan
Rating:   5 stars
Ida B is a young sometimes annoying girl named after her mother, Ida. When Ida B was in pre-school she felt like her classmates were learning too slow. Ida took Ida B out of school and homeschooled her. Suddenly Ida got cancer and had to go to the hospital for surgery every week. Ida B’s father sent her back to school. It was because they got more and more medication bills. The first day at recess (for a few years) Casey came along and asked if she wanted to play and Ida B said no. She was missing her trees that her father sold a quarter of land to her classmate Casey. Casey and her little brother came to the orchard that Ida B was in. Ida B scared them away and had guilt inside her. Finally she got better. Things started to get better and better.
   The one thing that’s gloomy is that Ida has cancer. The one thing hilarious is that their dog is the king of the slobber as what they call him. The happy thing is it gets better at the end.
   I recommend this to everybody who loves to have all types of feeling in books. Fourth, fifth and sixth will fall in love with it.

Reviewer: Aspen
Title: Santa Paws Come Home
Author: Nicholas Edwards
Rating: 5 stars
Santa Paws Come Home is about a dog that goes missing. They were out looking for some nabbers but they still couldn’t find him so they called 911 but the police couldn’t find him, then the family got lost. The dog accidentally got in the wrong car and the people that owned the car took off with Santa Paws in the car. Now Santa Paws is lost in New York.
   I disliked when Santa Paws got lost in New York because the dog family is worried for the dog. I also disliked how the family gets so easily scared. What I like is Santa Paws came home at the end of the story. I also liked how the dad started to believe that Santa Paws is actually part of the family and he can build a relationship with Santa Paws.
   I recommend this to Ashley because it is a really cute book that is kind of sad. It has a happy story at the end. Also, because she loves to have a cute story. I also recommend this to my little sister. I recommend this to my little sister because she loves a cute story.

Reviewer:  Coco
Title:  Flying Solo
Author:  Ralph Fletcher
Rating:  5 stars
Flying Solo is a fun read. In the first few chapters it talks about the characters. There are Rachel White, Bastian Fauvel, Sean O’day, Missy, Jessica Cooke, and the rest of the class. Rachel’s class used to have a boy named Tommy Feathers and one day he tries to offer Rachel a large golden raspberry pie. The next day Missy calls Rachel and tells her that Tommy is dead. Rachel never spoke after that phone call. A few months later it is almost the end of the school year and Bastian’s last day. The day goes smooth until there is a fight about the dead student. The fight is between Bastian and Rachel. The fight is life changing for Rachel because she speaks. This was a really good book.
   I think that it was pretty good. The author had made it seem like the children were real people. What I didn’t like was that there was a lot of living in the past. Otherwise it was really good.
   I recommend this book to people that really like school stories. It is a good way to see how good your school really is. It is a good book for people that are average readers. It is short and sweet.

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    Sam+Denali November 15, 2012 (1:06 pm)

    How long did it take to make the book?-Denali:-) 🙂 🙂 Was it hard to make all the different characters and settings?-Sam 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • comment-avatar
      VKF November 25, 2012 (8:11 pm)

      Hi, Denali! After I finished the manuscript and my own editing, it took about 6 months to be made into a book. First, an editor gave me more work to do and an illustrator made drawings, and a cover was designed, and the manuscript had to be typeset as a paperback and a hardcover and e-books, and it had to be printed. All those things take a lot of time. ❗ You can CLICK HERE to find out how a publisher makes all this happen!

      Hi, Sam! No, it wasn’t too hard for me to make the characters and settings — those are my favorite parts of writing! 😉