Reviewed by Kids Realistic Fiction #2

Rating Guide
5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer:  Gentry
Title:  Hoot
Author:  Carl Hiaasen
Rating:  5 stars
Hoot is about a boy named Roy Eberhardt who is bullied by a wickedly mean boy named Dana Matherson. On Roy’s way to school, Dana sneaks up to him and smashes Roy’s head against the school bus window. While that was happening, Roy sees a running boy on the sidewalk, he was not trying to catch the bus, he was not going to school, and the strange part was that he was not wearing shoes. At the next stop, Roy breaks free and rushes past a girl named Beatrice Leap and goes after the boy. A man named Curly is building a restaurant and for the past month someone has been taking all of the property stakes and filling in the holes that held them, so Curly hired a policeman named officer Delinko. While that was happening, it turns out that the boy was doing it and his name is Mullet Fingers, he wants to stop the pancake house from killing the burrowing owls. Together Roy Eberhardt, Mullet Fingers, and Beatrice Leap try to stop the business from being built.
   I loved the book. I really liked page 242 because it is hilarious. “Can I go now?” said Roy.
“Until we speak again on this subject, you and I,’’ Miss Hennepin said. “I know when I smell a rat.’’ Yeah, thought Roy, that’s because you’re growing one on your lip. HA HA.
   I would recommend this book for 5th grade. The book is funny, great action, and most of all it grabs your attention. The book has a nice 292 pages. I thought it was the best book in the world. You have to read Hoot.

Reviewer:  Jacob
Title:  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Author:  Judy Blume
Rating:  5 stars
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was an amazing book. This book is a story about a boy named Peter. He has a brother, a mom, and a dad. Peter’s little brother name is Fudge. He goes a little crazy. What I mean by a little, I mean a lot. Peter’s family gets along and gets really mad. Peter does not like Fudge because he messes everything up and he gets everything he wants when he cries but that changes when he is in trouble.
   What I like about this book is that it is so funny in so many chapters. What I did not like about this book is it is kind of sad at the end.
   I recommend this book to people love Judy Blume books and want to read a funny book.

Reviewer:  Melissa
Title:  The Runaways
Author:  Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Rating:  4 stars
The Runaways is a book about three preteens named Dani, Stormy, and Pixie. All three deplore the rundown town of Rattler Springs, Nevada, and each one of them wants to run away for different reasons. Dani, who is angry at everything in her life, is scratching the surface of solving her runaway plans throughout the book. She fights tooth and nail for everything to happen so that all three of them can skedaddle out of town together. They get creative in the ways they raise the money for their runaway fund. Do all three kids run away? You’ll have to read this book to find out the answer.
   I really got a kick out of this book. It was a book that was saying to never runaway from home. This book keeps you on a treadmill of what will happen next until the end of the book.
   I would recommend this book to 10-13 year old boys and girls. It’s a good book for readers who have strong imaginations based on word descriptions. This book doesn’t have pictures except for the cover. It’s a great book to read in class or as a discussion book.

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