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1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer:  Rhys (5th grader)
Title: Frightful’s Mountain
Author:  Jean Craighead George
Rating:  4 stars
Frightful’s Mountain is about a Peregrine Falcon named Frightful and her owner, Sam. They live outside of the city of New York in a cottonwood tree that Sam made their home. Frightful is let loose into the wild to start a new family. She finds another peregrine falcon named Chirp that has no mate and three baby eyas. Frightful comes into the family to help Chirp care for the babies. The babies grow up good and strong and then Frightful leaves to start her own family. Frightful finds another male falcon and she realizes that he has a tag on his wing with the numbers 427. The falcon 427 and Frightful become mates and they have three eyas nesting on a bridge. But, the bridge is scheduled to be rebuilt. Sam takes charge and fights against the builders to help save Frightful and her family. And he’s also fighting because there are poachers trying to take the eyas.
   I really liked the book because it’s about nature and adventure. I like when Frightful and 427 start nesting on the bridge. I also like the part where Sam is trying to stop the poachers.
   I would recommend the book to nature loving people. Parts of it can be sad, though. But you should read this book because it’s a really heart touching story.

Reviewer:  Avery (5th grader)
Title:  Brian’s Return
Author:  Gary Paulsen
Rating:  5 stars
Brian’s Return is about a boy named Brian, whose friends all like to go to the mall, play video games, play softball, and ride bicycles. Video games seemed so silly to Brian, shooting at bad guys on the screen. It all started when he was walking into Mackey’s Pizza Den and he ran into Carl Lammers, a football player at school nicknamed the Hulk. Carl slammed the door at Brian and they got in a big fight and Carl ended up going to the hospital and the police had to take Brian home to his astonished mom.
He made a list of stuff he needed in the wilderness like a canoe, straight bow, knife, hatchet, fishing gear, books, camping gear and supplies, and clothing. He arranged a flight half way to the Smallhorns home planning to canoe the rest of the way up to them. So Brian left and started up his journey through the wonderful wilderness. He ran into some storms that blew his tent over and some bears, moose, and deer. In the middle of his travels he met a man named Billy who taught him how to find the right direction by the animals and why guns are bad because they don’t give animals time to act, but bows do. Finally he was almost there, one more day and he would be at the Smallhorns!
   I really liked this book it was a fun book. It made me think how alike and unlike I am to Brian. Surviving in the wilderness must have been hard for Brian just like you hear stories like Lewis and Clark and how they had to survive in the wilderness and use special plants as medicine.
   I would recommend this book for boys with adventurous spirit because it shows the way of nature. I do not think girls would like this because it has a lot of intense and scary parts in it. It shows the way of life!

Reviewer:  Denali (5th grader)
Title:  Love, Ruby Lavender
Author:  Deborah Wiles
Rating:  5 stars
Love, Ruby Lavender is about a 9 year old girl named Ruby Lavender and her grandmother named Miss Eula who steal three chickens from a slaughterhouse and name them Ivy, Bess, and Bemmie. Miss Eula and Ruby do almost everything together until one day Ruby finds out that her grandmother has a plane ticket to Hawaii to see her new stinky grand-baby. Poor Ruby has to stay in boring Mississippi with nothing to do except read to the chickens, get tormented by Melba Jane, and sweep for Miss Mattie. Ruby has been sending three letters a day until the letter writing starts getting shorter and shorter.
   But anyways some exciting news is Ruby meets a new friend! And as if that were good enough Ivy laid three eggs and so did Bemmie. The tragedy is that her arch enemy Melba Jane killed the two eggs Ivy laid but one survived and Ruby called it Rosebud. At last Ruby got a letter from Miss Eula saying “Dear Ruby Darling, I got off the bus from Jackson, and there wasn’t a soul in town- they were all at the operetta! So I bustled myself over there and watched from the shadows. I saw what you did for Melba. Ruby, I am proud to know you. If you have missed me half as much as I’ve missed you, I hope you’ll come straight to the Pink Palace when you get this note. I am parching some peanuts and laying out 732 photographs to be put in photo albums. Isn’t THAT a lucky number. It’s the luckiest number yet. I have stories to tell! Tell Melba to bring me a hat , and I’ll trade her a pair of flip-flops,” Love, your (still) favorite grandmother. What did Ruby do that made her grandmother so proud? You’ll have to read the crazy adventures of Love, Ruby Lavender to find out!
   I recommend this to anybody who loves to read letters and loves country living. The most recommended age group is from 3rd grade and up because it is full of fun for all ages! I rate this book a 5 star book.

Reviewer:  Gentry (5th grader)
Title:  Black Beauty
Author:  Anna Sewell
Rating:  5 stars
Black Beauty is about a black horse that was born in Birtwick. He used to have a vary nice master but gets sold to a very mean man who has a totally messed up sense of humor such as he abuses his horses. Black Beauty a very strong fast horse who makes friends with a chubby pony named Mary Legs. A few months pass when Mary Legs gets sick and shortly after dies. Then after that crisis was over, the man just realized that he had just spent all of his money trying to save her. The man was trying to save Mary Legs because less work would be done on the property, and in order to get more money he has to see which horse is worth the most money and sell it, and it just so happens to be, Black Beauty.
   I liked when the man ran out of money. I liked that part because it serves him right. I also liked when he had to sell Black Beauty. That horse was too much for him. He deserves all of this.
   I would recommend this book for 5th and 6th grade. There are too many big and complicated words which are too hard for pre k, k, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I also think that 5th and 6th would enjoy it’s action and usage of wording. If you own an animal like Black Beauty, I would recommend reading the classic version of Black Beauty by Anna Swell. Black Beauty is an extraordinary book.

Reviewer:  Tyler (5th grader)
Title:  Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business
Author:  Barbara Park and Denise Brunkus
Rating: 5 stars
Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business is a very good story. Junie B.’s mother was having a baby and Junie B. was not happy. She thinks that the new baby is dumb. Later in the book Junie B. is at school and it is show and tell there she talks about the new baby. She is saying that the baby is a monkey. She said that her grandma said to her that the baby is a monkey. Junie B. also said that she is going to bring the baby pet to school. Then at recess Junie B.’s friends Grace and Lucille gave her all a lot of gifts to be the first one to see the baby and Grace had to give her pink high tops that she just got them. Lucille gave Junie B. her locket. Grace also gave Junie B. her snack ticket. Junie B. got in trouble and she was scared. Later her mother was in the parking lot. The baby was a boy and Junie B.’s boyfriend walks by and smiles at Junie B. I recommend this book to girls.

Reviewer: Bree (5th grader)
Title: The Twits
Author: Roald Dahl
Rating: 4 stars
The Twits is about playing jokes, family, and wild meals. Mr. and Mrs. Twit loved to play jokes on each other. Mr. Twit once played a joke on Mrs. Twit about frogs. Unfortunately, it backfired causing him to learn something new about Mrs. Twit which made them grow closer. They also enjoy catching birds for their favorite meal, bird pie, until the animals play a joke on them.
   I really liked this book because it makes you think about your consequences before trying something. It made me realize I needed to think about how someone might respond to something I do.
   I would recommend this book to third graders because I feel they are not mature in their relationships and would find this book humorous. If you like laugh out loud books, this book is for you.

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