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1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Coco
Title:  After the Fire: A True Story of Friendship and Survival
Author:  Robin Gaby Fisher
Rating:  5 stars
This is a really good book. It is the story of the pain, accomplishments, and baby steps of recovery of burns. There are two students named Alvaro and Shawn. They are roommates and victims of the 2000 fire on the campus of Seton Hall. The roommates are normal and then they are not because of two stupid boys. There are separations and friendships made. The book had the life of two burn victims and their growing friendship.
  This book teaches about how we are all people no matter what is your race, color, and how you look. It is the best book I have read in a long time. There are small outer stories. There are just the things that the head of investigations had to go through to find whoever lit the fire and killed three students.
  I suggest this book to anyone that likes to hear about what can change your life in just a few seconds. This is also a book that has some gross parts so don’t read it if you don’t like to hear this type of detail.

Reviewer: Vance
Title: Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers
Author: Ralph Moody
Rating: 5 stars
Little Britches is a true story about a kid named Ralph Moody and his family moving to Colorado from New Hampshire because his dad had T.B (a type of lung disease.) Ralph was eight years old when they moved to Colorado in 1906. They take two or three years to get settled in. There are two big themes in the story: water and horses. The cowboys on the ranch gave Ralph Moody his nickname Little Britches and taught him how to ride a horse. Little Britches has a lot of adventures from tornadoes to new friends.
  I liked this book because of the adventures and constant change of events. My favorite part is when the first tornado comes because of how Little Britches describes their barn being torn away.
  I recommend this book to people who like history. For one thing, Colorado’s Little Britches Rodeo was named for Ralph. I think the book was really fascinating. The other Ralph Moody book I want to read is Stagecoach West because my dad, Mark Gardner, a Western historian, wrote the introduction.

Reviewer: Mallory
Title: The Dog Who Saved Christmas and other True Animal Tales
Author: Allan Zullo
Rating: 5 stars
The Dog who Saved Christmas and other True Animal Tales starts with a dog, she is a big helping hand around the home. One of the dog’s owners falls in the pool with heavy clothes on, as her breath is draining out of her body, she is thinking it is few day before Christmas and she won’t be with her children, but then her dog pulled her out of the water. She was saved.
  There was a kid who had a crippled leg and everyone made fun of him. One day, he saw a bird at his uncle’s and aunt’s friend’s house who also has crippled legs, but was happily singing. The boy learns that it’s not how you look on the outside, it’s what comes from within that is important and whatever anyone says, he’s not going to care about it, so he knows that he is going to have a Merry Christmas.
  A couple was decorating the house, and they had four dogs. The couple goes to bed and as they sleep, one of their dogs made their beautiful Christmas hall into a wrecked hall. That next morning, the couple gets mad, but then they realize that it is still Christmas and they should be happy.
  One family has a cat really ready for Christmas. One day, they found out that their cat was nowhere in sight. It is like they are bathing in depression, but the cat comes back. It’s just sad to not have a cat when Christmas is around the corner.
  As a storm blows, a man goes to a cabin. He meets nice lodgers who give him a puppy for Christmas. The man finds out his dog has been walking around two miles away from his place and bringing food to an owl, but he could not stay mad at the dog.
  At an old man’s house, there are two brothers who hated each other as much as cats and dogs. They find a goose stuck in the ice and they decided to help it and that brought the brothers closer to make them a team.
In a town that is cold, there lived a family with a dog that will make you happy. The dog opens the gifts like they are all hers, dogs do what dogs do.
  A family is happy with their cat, but they find out she went missing, it made them sad. Luckily she was found. The last few chapters is with a reindeer who is stuck on a boat and a dog who was close to dying.
  My favorite part of the book is when the dog saved one of her owners. First, I became a little nervous, then I was relieved. The stories made me happy or sad. I love stories about animals. It turns my frown upside down. I recommend this book for people who love animals. It will touch your heart. The main pet lovers that should read this are dog lovers. It can be a great story for when you’re about ready to go to bed. It will make a bright night.

Reviewer: Ashley
Title: Boy: Tales of Childhood
Author: Roald Dahl
Rating: 5 stars
Boy is mostly about a kid how supposedly thinks his life is out of the ordinary. Throughout Roald Dahl’s life a number of things happen to him each day. Here’s an example: he and his friends sometimes go to the candy shop and buy these things called tickers and pear things, and one or both of the candies are used for prisoners to keep them quiet. So Roald and his friends think that this is all a plan for the parents so the kids will just shut up and stop talking all the time. I would tell you more, but… I might ruin it for you.
  I love this book because it’s based on a true advenure that happens when Roald was a kid. This book is funny and in some ways it tells future advise like if you go to the candy store and the candy smells like prison feet, don’t EAT IT!
Roald Dahl’s life is amazing, there’s action, drama, and comedy. I wondered if Mr. Roald’s life is even more exciting now.
  I would recommend this book to 3rd thru 5th grade they’ll love it. When you read this book it feels like you’re his friend and you go everywhere with him.

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