Reviewed by Kids Historical Fiction #2

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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Vance
Title: The Five Ancestors: Eagle
Author: Jeff Stone
Rating: 4 stars
The Eagle is the fifth book in the series about Ying who used to be the Emperor’s best kung-fu fighter, but then he was jailed and is now a slave fighter to win money for the Emperor. When the Jinan fight club burns down and Ying escapes and finds his sister Hok and his brothers Fu, Malao and Seh escape from their prison at the Jinan fight club. They are all supposed to find out about their past but Ying is looking for something more. I liked the Eagle because it had a lot of action. My favorite part is in the beginning when Ying saves his sister and his brothers. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series. I recommend this book to people who like books in a series. The series is called The Five Ancestors which includes the books: Tiger, Monkey,Snake, Crane, Mouse, Dragon, and the brand new book Phoenix.

Reviewer: Sam
Title: Shooting the Moon
Author: Frances Dowell
Rating:  5 stars
Shooting the Moon is about a young twelve year old girl named Jamie whose brother gets sent to Vietnam. She gets very excited when she thinks about getting the letters from her brother. Her and her brother have always wished of being like their father, The Colonel. She then realizes that the army life isn’t as good as it looks.
  I thought this was a pretty good book. It was a little weird though. It kept you waiting at the end of every chapter.
  I would recommend this book to fifth and sixth graders. It’s a war book so if you don’t like war you shouldn’t read this. If you do like war this would be perfect for you.

Reviewer: Melissa
Title: Crispin: At the End of Time
Author: Avi
Rating: 5 stars
Crispin: At The End Of Time is the last book of the Crispin series. This book is about Crispin leaving his stepfather and his sister. Crispin is heading off to go to a place called Iceland. He finds some people that welcome him in to live with them. He lives with them for a while, then he learns that they are thieves that kill for money. Crispin had to take money from a one minute old dead person with the dead person’s blood on him. In that gruesome group, there was a little boy named Owen. They both wanted to run away from the bad bunch of people. When the thieves came to a town, Crispin and Owen, got their chance. They got permission to help on a boat heading for Iceland. Will they get there in time, or will the thieves stop them from going??
  I loved the part when Crispin is running from the horses and men. He almost drowns in the water. When Crispin walks away from his stepsister and father, it was so sad that I mourned. I think that this was the second best book in the series. I will read the series over and over again. Avi is one of my favorite authors.
  I recommend this book to all age boys and girls over 3rd grade! There are some words that are too hard for younger ages to read. There are some parts that are a little gruesome for little, little kids. You can read this book in two days straight, night and day.

Reviewer: Denali
Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Author: Scott O’ Dell
Rating: 5 stars
Island of the Blue Dolphins is about a girl named Kannana who gets left on an island by trying to stop the boat from leaving her brother behind, so she stayed with her brother. One day a wolf came and when no one was looking that wolf ate Kannana’s brother. She was very sad. Kannana has been breaking the island’s rules to keep her alive. She’s making weapons, (which girls aren’t supposed to have) food, and shelter. This book is based on a true story.
  I didn’t like the fact that they left without everybody and that Kannana’s brother died. I like the end of the book.
  I recommend this book to people who like adventures. The fourth, fifth, and sixth grade will love this book.

Reviewer: Gentry
Title: Daniel at the Siege of Boston
Author: Laurie Calkhoven
Rating: 5 stars
Daniel at the Siege of Boston is about a lookout boy named Daniel. One day a group of tax collectors came and tried to convince the townspeople that there was tax to collect, but the townspeople disagreed. Before Daniel knew it, there was fighting and killing and wow, just wow! Twelve year old Daniel knows that the tax collectors are Patriots. Can he overcome all of what is going on and save his town from being bankrupt? Read the book to find out.
  I liked when the Patriots tried to convince the people of Boston that there even was a group of tax collectors. I liked that part because, I thought it was funny. I also liked when Daniel saw the tax people coming. I enjoyed reading that because it expresses his feelings. Daniel at the Siege of Boston is a good book.
  I would recommend this book to people that like adventure. The reason is because there is a lot of it. I would also recommend the book to people that like ships. There are a lot of ships in the book. Daniel at the Siege of Boston is a great book.

Reviewer: Christian
Title: Middle world
Author: J & P Voelkel
Rating: 5 stars
There is this boy named Max Murphy who is about to start his summer vacation. He is mad when his parents’ vacation plans change. Then his parents disappear so now Max who is only 14 years old has to go out to find them. He ends up having to travel to Central America to try to find his parents. They both are archaeologists and Mayan experts. He is told that they went missing at a Mayan temple of XML Chel. He gets some help with trying to find his parents from a girl from this country name Lola. They have many adventures and even have to go through a tropical rain forest. There is also an ancient underworld that involves the Maya. Max has to try to save his parents and the world from the dark underworld.
  I liked this book because of the action and adventure. I was not too crazy about the big words that were used in this book.
  I would recommend this book to kids that like ancient history and adventures.

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