Reviewed by Kids Fantasy #8

Rating Guide
5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer:  Hunter
Title:  The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Author: Beatrix Potter
Rating: 2 stars
I like the book The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. At fist fishing was slow, but then the bobber water underwater and then he set the hook. He caught one. He let him go, then he met his friends.
  I recommend this book to the third grade.

Reviewer: Drake
Title: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Rating: 5 stars
There once was a ring. The ring was forged in the fire depths of Mt. Doom by the one ruler of Mordor, Sauron. The elves and men had to fight for days against the army of Mordor. Then, Azildor, son of the king cut the ring from Sauron’s hand. The war was over as they thought. But it really wasn’t. The ring had driven Azildor mad. He was ambushed and killed. Then the ring passed on to a creature named Gollum, then Bilbo, then finally Frodo. Frodo was just an ordinary hobbit until he had the ring. With the help of a fellowship of four friends, Gandalf, Sam, Merry, and Pippen and four allies, Areogon, legolas, Gimli, and Borrowmeir, Frodo is able to continue his journey to the fire cracks of Mt. Doom. On their journey they encounter more then they expected.
  I like the part when the fellowship has to fight Balrog a fiery creature of shadow. The part I don’t like is when Gandalf died by Balrog. My favorite part was the whole book. It was so exciting.
  I recommend this book to me because I think it’s so good I’ve read it five times. I also like all the adventure. It’s very exciting and very detailed.

Reviewer: Mallory
Title: Something Upstairs
Author: Avi
Rating: You have to read this!
Something Upstairs starts with a boy named Kenny and he has moved into an old house. As he lives there, he finds blood on the floor and one night he sees a ghost. The ghost’s name is Cabel and that blood mark came from him. He told Kenny that he was a slave and Cabel wants to know who murdered him. Kenny looks in a newspaper from August 17, 1800 and finds out that Cabel killed himself. Cabel does not believe it and he was right. Kenny then finds out that he went back to Cabel’s time. Kenny meets a man who killed Cabel and he wants Kenny to kill Cabel and if he did, he could go back to his time. The end is with finding out who killed Cabel and what happens to him and Kenny.
  What I liked about the book is when Kenny meets Cabel. At first, Cabel was scared of Kenny; then, they became good friends. My favorite part is when they work as a team.
  I recommend this book to ghost story lovers. I would not read this to little kids; it involves blood. This book will hook you ’til the last page.

Reviewer: Bree
Title: Ralph S. Mouse
Author:  Beverly Cleary
Rating:  5 stars
Ralph S. Mouse is about a boy, Ryan, who goes to school. Ralph experienced how teachers teach kids. Ryan announced that he brought Ralph to school. The teacher assigned all students to research mice to understand the intelligence of mice. A test they gave Ralph was to run in a maze. Two boys named Ryan and Brad were asked to make the maze, but unfortunately the boys couldn’t stop fighting. Brad thought Ralph was not going to do well because the maze was too difficult. At the end of the week he ran away after running the maze because he was afraid he would be held captive. The class did not find Ralph until the next week. Ryan ends up being a close friend with Brad. Ralph gets a surprise.
  I really liked this book due to the adventures I got to experience through Ralph’s eyes. It gave me a new perspective at school. It also told me to make school an adventure even if it is not.
  I would recommend this book to both boys and girls because kids would like the adventures described in each chapter. My favorite character was Ryan because he took Ralph where he thought it was going to be fun. If you think school offers adventures, you might want to read this book.

Reviewer: Jacob
Title: The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Author: Beverly Clearly
Rating: 4 stars
The Mouse and the Motorcycle is and an amazing book. This book is so funny. It is one of my favorite books and author. This book is about an mouse (Ralph), the human (Keith), and the motorcycle. Ralph finds a motorcycle and tries to start it. Ralph gets caught by the human and he found out that Ralph was there.
  I liked this book because it is funny. I do not like this because some stuff didn’t make sense.
  I recommend this book to all ages.

Reviewer: Christian
Title: The Last Airbender
Author: M. Night Shyamalan
Rating: 5 stars
It all starts in the southern water tribe with Katara and Sokka as they try to catch an animal for their tribe. They stumbled on a glowing iceberg that held a boy who was the avatar but he did not tell anybody. The fire nation took him and then did some test and then they found out that he was the avatar. So when no one was looking he took off on his air glider and got to his flying bison.
  I did not like this book because a lot of it talked the third person. I liked this book because people can bend the four elements.
  I recommend this book to fourth grade – seventh grade because there is a lot of action. Also there are a lot of hard words in the book.

Reviewer: Christian
Title: Indian in the Cupboard
Author: Lynne Reid banks
Rating: 5 stars
There was a boy named Omri and for his birthday he was given a cupboard. This was a special present because it was magical. There was a small Indian figurine which becomes living in the cupboard. This is only the beginning of the adventures. The cupboard also would bring to life other small figurines like a cowboy and a soldier.
  I liked this book because of the toy Indian comes to life. I did not like it when the toy cowboy was wounded.
  I would recommend to any kids who like adventure books. I would recommend this book fourth – eighth graders because it has a lot of action.

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