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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
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1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Rhys
Title: Bearwalker
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Rating: 2 stars
Bearwalker is a book about this Indian man that changes into a bear and hunts people. A kid named Baron is going on a field trip with his class to a little camp back in the woods named Camp Chuckamuk. At night they go up to a place on the mountain and tell stories. This one guy named Walker White Bear, who helps run the place, starts to tell a scary story but the teachers stop him. He is frustrated so he gets up and walks into the woods. They all start going back down to the cabins. When they get back down to the cabins, they realize two people are missing, Walker White Bear and Mr. Osgood. They take the kids down to the main dining hall so they can count everyone. They then setup beds to sleep down there, fearing what has happened to the two men. In the middle of the night a man named Mr. Mack burst into the cabin. He tells everyone how him and Mr. Osgood were walking back when they got attacked by Walker White Bear, a.k.a. Bearwalker. Mr. Mack escaped, but Mr. Osgood got held back by Bearwalker. Everybody’s frantic. The teachers bring Mr. Mack into the back room. Mr. Mack turns on them. He uses a shotgun to put them all into a circle. Then he tells them his evil scam. Baron hears about this and escapes to go find help. Mr. Mack chases after him. Baron runs and jumps into the lake to hide from Mr. Mack and escapes up the mountain. He runs into a bear. The bear wrestles with him, but doesn’t hurt him much. He then runs up and finds Mr. Osgood. He tells Mr. Osgood what is happening. He then runs up to call for help. As he’s coming back down the trail he finds Mr. Osgood laying on the trail with Bearwalker standing over him. Baron throws rocks at him to get his attention. Then he runs up the mountain with Bearwalker chasing him. Will he get away and survive?
  I really liked the part where Mr. Mack busts into the dining hall. I also liked it where Baron is throwing the rocks at Bearwalker. But I didn’t like how it took forever to get to the good parts.
  I wouldn’t recommend this book to a lot of people. It’s a good book, but it just takes too long to get to the good parts. I know I got a little bored reading it. But it’s really descriptive.

Reviewer: Peter
Title: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis
Rating: 5 stars
This book is about four kids who travel in to a magical land of Narnia. They meet insane animals. Most of the animals hate the so-called queen of Narnia. So mostly when they meet animals they mostly want to help, but some animals fight against them.
  The reasons I like this book is it keeps you on your edge of your chair and it has a lot of action. The thing I like most about this book is the great adventure.
  I recommend this book to people that like adventure and action. I also recommend this book to people that like this series.

Reviewer: Bree
Title: Peter and the Starcatchers
Author: Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson
Rating: 5 stars
Peter and the Starcatchers is about a girl named Molly, and a boy named Peter. Peter, James, Prentiss, Tubby Ted, and Thomas are orphans who get put on a ship called Neverland headed to Rundoon with another ship called Wasp. The Wasp and Neverland are carrying a treasure, star dust, that gives people great power, including the ability to fly. The two ships are followed by the pirate ship, Sea Devil, lead by the mean pirate Black Stache. Stache attacked and took over the Wasp and used it to get close to the Neverland as a storm was approaching. During the storm the two ships collided. The Neverland broke and Molly, the boys and the treasure end up on an island. The pirates followed the boys to the island seeking the treasure. Savages also live on the island and soon all groups are seeking the treasure. The adventures on the island include mermaids, giant flying crocodiles, and many encounters between Molly and the boys, the pirates, and the savages.
  I loved this book. The magic and the mysteries are fun to figure out. I tried to figure out the mysteries the one time I thought they were going end up on an island it was true. The magic sounds not real but when you get farther in the book you figure out it is real. I tried to picture the story it worked I thought I was Molly.
  I would recommend this book to both boys and girls because there are many characters in which you can try to relate to. My favorite characters were Peter and Molly. Peter was smart. I liked how he solved problems. I liked Molly because she cared about others. If you like adventure, pirates, problem solving, and magic this book might be for you.

Reviewer: Aspen
Title: The BFG
Author: Roald Dahl
Rating: 4 stars
The BFG is about a lonely giant. He takes a little girl and they become friends. He looked out for her and she looks out for him. There are these monsters and they are called blood bottle and they are aggressive. The giant likes to play tricks on them.
  I liked the giant because he is nice. Also I like the little girl because she is funny. I did not like the blood bottle because they bullied the giant. There was no show, not tell.
  I recommend this to third grade because it is funny. Also it surprises you. That is why I recommend this to them.

Reviewer: Mallory
Title: The Fairy’s Mistake
Author: Gail Carson Levine
Rating: 5 stars
The Fairy’s Mistake starts off with two widows, Rosella and Myrtle. There was an old woman who turned into a fairy and put a spell on the widows. Every time Rosella talks, jewels come out of her mouth and every time Myrtle talks, bugs come out. Rosella went in the garden and saw a charming prince who asked her to marry him. The prince brings Rosella to his palace, but she is sad she can’t see her sister. She finds out that the prince likes that jewels come out of her mouth and he takes them for himself. She is disappointed in the prince. As Rosella is at the palace, Myrtle is loving that bugs come out of her mouth so she can scare other people.
  I like the book because it is so sweet and mixed in with a little humor. This book makes me happy. It is a book that will keep you reading.
  I recommend this book for girls that like fairy tales. Boys could not understand this or think this is too girly. If you were a girl who wants to read a fairy tale, I would choose this book.

Reviewer: Aspen
Title: Over My Dead Body
Author: Kate Klise
Rating: 4 stars
Over My Dead Body is about this ghost that haunts this mansion. The ghost’s name is Olive C. Spence. She does not want anyone to sell her mansion because she died there. That is what some of my book is about.
  I liked the ghost because she seems like a good person. I liked the kid because he wanted to solve the mystery. I did not like the book because it was really confusing and the cemetery because it looked weary.
  I recommend this to third graders because it is kind of fun.

Reviewer: Peter
Title: Narnia Prince Caspian
Author: C. S. Lewis
Rating: 5 stars
This book is about the four children from the first book. Their names are Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy. In this adventure they are summoned back to Narnia to face yet another enemy.
  The things I liked about this book were the way the battles and the dramatic scenes were so intense and rich. It actually felt like I was in the book. Also this book enters a new type of characters, humans, that aren’t the four children.
  I recommend this book to people who like action and mythic animals. Also I recommend this book to ages eight and up because is has a lot of fighting and battles.

Reviewer: Breanna
Title: The Red Pyramid
Author: Rick Riordan
Rating:    5 stars
The Red Pyramid is about two kids named Sadie and Carter. They think they have normal lives but really they have Egyptian powers. They have kings and queens that run in their veins. They even have magical pets. They are put up to save their family and the world.
  I love this book! I liked the part when Muffins the cat turns into a human. I also like the part were they look back in their history. That’s what I like about this book.
  I recommend this book to kids who study and like Egypt. Kids who don’t understand Egypt wouldn’t get the idea of the story. That’s why I recommend this book to kids who study and like Egypt.

Reviewer: Denali
Title: Whittington
Author: Alan Armstrong
Rating: 5 stars
Whittington is about a gray cat who was once called Bent Ear but now calls himself Whittington. One day he found a barn and met Lady and the other animals. Lady is the lawmaker for the barn. Bernie, Ben, and Abby (who owns the barn) found the cat and keeps it. Ben is struggling with reading and is reading below his grade level. Abby is Ben’s sister and she is trying to teach him. Ben has to leave to find a teacher and he took Whittington.
  I liked that Whittington got to travel around the world and seek adventure. The part I didn’t like was when Ben had to leave with only a cat by his side.
  I recommend this incredible story to fifth graders. This is a great book for people who enjoy drama.

Reviewer: Drake
Title: The Hobbit
Author: J.R.R Toilken
Rating: 5 stars
One day on a summer morning in the Shire, there was a hobbit. His name was Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins. He was fond of visitors, so here comes Gandalf. He asks Bilbo if he could share an adventure with him. Bilbo says, “I’m a Baggins, we don’t just go wondering off in the blue.” That same night he was visited by (13) dwarves. Then he went on an adventure. On his adventure to the Lonely Mountain he found a ring and confronted a frightening creature named Gollum. They were secretly going to make a plan to suddenly attack the treasure stock guarded by Smaug, a very ferocious dragon.
  I have two favorite parts, one of my favorite parts was when Bilbo found the ring and confronted Gollum because it was very detailed and action packed. The other was when they were trapped in the trees because all of these goblins and Wargs were down there. Wargs are a wolf type thing.
  I recommend this book to me because I think The Hobbit, and The Lord Of The Rings are awesome. Hobbits are my favorite creatures in these series. I also like all the adventures. I also like all of the action.

Reviewer: Lizzy
Title: The Lost Hero
Author: Rick Riordan
Rating: 5 stars
Boom! Goes the wind spirits taking Coach Hedge, Jason’s, Piper’s, and Leo’s wacky gym teacher- guardian in their  school. Jason’s feeling icky because when he woke up, he had no memory of anything that had happened in his life so far. Piper’s most likely hoping that Jason at least remembers that they’re dating. Leo’s absentmindedly fiddling with nuts and bolts. Then as they walk and they’re the only people left outside the doors site and lock and they all almost die. Out of the sky appears a chariot from CAMP HAFE-BLOOD to save their lives from the evil. Once at camp Jason gets a magic tattoo on his forearm that looks like a barcode on a box of macaroni. At the feast that night Piper get claimed by Aphrodite by getting a total temporary makeover. Leo’s skills with gears are noticed and he gets put in the Hephaestus cabin or Bunker Nine. Leo then finds a robotic dragon and makes it his own creation by adding wings. Then off they go to save the world in three days. They meet several meanies and kick some butt when they fight two giants and save Hera from her death in one day.
  I loved this book and think you will too. One thing I should warn you about is that it is a very long book that takes time to read. He made up really funny names and really hard to pronounce names. There is at least one example of good writing on every page.
  I would recommend this to sixth graders and up. If you have a high reading level then go for it, but if not then I would stick with something else ’til you are in sixth grade. Be prepared to be amazed if you read this book.

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