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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer: Avery
Title:  The Society’s Traitor
Author:  V.K. Finnish
Rating:  5 stars
The Society’s Traitor is about a boy named Arthur Grey who is eleven years old. He lives in Ivor Manor. Arthur does not like it there because of the housekeeper Sasha and the gardener Simon who stop him from exploring the manor. Next thing Arthur knew was that he had been kidnapped and taken to the Historia Society to where he is to become an initiate and learn about mythical creatures. Historia finds out if rumors of mythical creatures are true, and collects old objects like documents, gems, and old sacred weapons. But poachers have been sighted trying to get a rare bird called the Pichitanka and someone in the inside of Historia is helping them. Arthur is going to try to stop them with his friends Pernille Hanly, Sebas McGeown, and Idolette Seigfried.
   I liked this book because it has some humor and lots of clues that make you want to find out more.
   I recommend this adventure thrilling book to boys and girls who are above the age of eight and like adventure, clues, magic, and mythical creatures.

Reviewer:  Bree
Title:  The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Author: Beverly Cleary
Rating: 4 stars
The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a mouse and a boy who embark on a journey of exploration by riding a motorcycle. An example of their journey is to obtain an aspirin pill to help the boy feel better. Another case is exploring the first floor of a hotel and what they discover. Their friendship blossoms throughout the book.
   I liked how the friendship grew as the book progressed through the mouse and the boy learning to work together. This book was not my favorite but I did like it. This book did not keep my interest; even though I enjoyed the adventures the boy and the mouse took throughout the book.
   I would recommend this book to both boys and girls because of the adventures and mysteries contained within. I could have set the book down and never picked it up again. Luckily because of this assignment I had to finish it. The end of the story is worth the struggle in order to understand the growth of their friendship.

Reviewer: Rhys
Title: The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Author: Beverly Cleary
Rating: 5 stars
The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a story about a mouse named Ralph that lives in a hotel. A boy named Keith comes and stays at the hotel. Ralph finds a motorcycle and tries to ride it. By accident, Ralph rides the motorcycle into the waste bin and is stuck until Keith finds him. Ralph hides behind an old apple core, fearing that the boy will find him. When Keith does find him, Ralph is surprised on how Keith can understand what Ralph is saying. Keith and Ralph become friends. Keith lets Ralph ride the motorcycle. Only Ralph does not know how to ride, so Keith shows him. Keith lets Ralph ride the motorcycle at night. During the day, Keith gets to play with the motorcycle. Until one day when Ralph is guarding the motorcycle, the maid comes in and tries to sweep Ralph up in the vacuum. Ralph rides the motorcycle to get away from the vacuum but rides into a pile of clothes. Ralph gets out but cannot save the motorcycle. The maid takes the clothes away to be put into the washer. When Keith gets back, Ralph tells him how he lost the motorcycle. That night Keith gets sick and he needs an aspirin, so Ralph is on a journey to find an aspirin throughout the hotel. Can Ralph find an aspirin in time?
   I really liked this book because it’s full of fun and adventure. I really like the part where Ralph rides the motorcycle into the sheets. I also like where Ralph starts telling Keith about him losing the motorcycle.
   I would recommend this book to all ages, boys and girls. It is a really fun book with a lot of adventure and excitement.

Reviewer: Bree
Title: Magic Pony: A Dream Come True
Author: Elizabeth Lindsay
Rating: 4 stars
Magic Pony: A Dream Come True is about a girl that has a poster which is magical. Annie got in big trouble because of her pony. The pony and Annie had a great adventure. An example of an adventure is that Annie climbed out of the window to get the cat from chasing the pony. The pony can change from normal horse size to as little as a mouse in a blink of an eye.
   I loved this book so much that I was able to finish it in just two days. If you like ponies or horses you should get a poster and believe in magic. I have a calendar of horses which help me to dream about new adventures, just like Annie experiences.
   I would recommend this book to girls and boys. Horses can be loved by everyone. Boys will love the mysteries. Girls will love the friendship between the girl and the horse. Believe in your dreams. You never know when they may come true.

Reviewer: Ava
Title: The Magician’s Nephew
Author: Lewis C. S.
Rating: 5 stars
The Magician’s Nephewis about these two kids and these two adults named Digory, Polly, Uncle Andrew, and the Witch. The kids get these arcane otherworldly rings that are green and yellow. They go from their world to other worlds. They go to Narnia with the Witch and Uncle Andrew. The kids go get a silver apple (with purplish-black juice that makes you get healthy and live forever) for Aslan.
   I liked this book. I did because it has exciting parts but some boring parts. Like the ending, that is the really overpowering.
   I would recommend this to boys and girls who like adventure. If someone who does not like it will never like this book. If someone wants to like it then you have to read this book!

Reviewer: Christian
Title: Alpha and Omega
Author:  Aaron Rosenberg
Rating: 5 stars
An alpha is a supreme wolf and an omega is a lower class wolf that watches over the area to make sure there are no intruders in the area. Alpha and Omega is fictional story about two wolves that go on a wild adventure. The two wolves are kidnapped and are taken to Twin Falls, Idaho to breed. Now they find two webbed-footed birds named Marcel, and Paddy. Marcel and Paddy tell them to get into that RV and that RV will take you halfway to Jasper Park. Then they will go on the train and it will take them to Jasper Park Station.
   I don’t like Alpha and Omega when the animals talk, it is very scary. Alpha and Omega is a funny book that will just make you bark.
   I think that this book is more for fifth graders. This book could be for a fourth grader but it’s more for fifth graders.

Reviewer:  Christian
Title: Hop
Author: Annie Auerbach
Rating: 4 stars
This novel is about a Bunny named E.B. and a man named Fred. E.B. has escaped from Easter Island and now E.B.’s dad has sent out the pink bray’s which are the search and rescue.  Now E.B. has met Fred and tricks Fred into thinking E.B. is the Easter Bunny. Now Fred needs to help hide E.B. so Fred can help E.B. from not becoming the Easter Bunny to be the Easter Bunny. I think it would be cool to be the Easter man just like Fred. I think it’s cool how the previous  Easter Bunny magically made them co- Easter Bunnies.
   I like the part when the previous Easter Bunny turned them into co-Easter Bunnies. My favorite part was when E.B. escaped from Easter Island.
   I think Hop is a lot more for fifth or sixth graders.  It’s more for sixth but if a fifth grader thinks  he or she can read it then they should.

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