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5 stars – You have to read this!           4 stars – You should read this!
3 stars – You might like this.        2 stars – You probably won’t like this.
1 star – This will make you want to bang your head on a wall!

Reviewer:  Ava (5th grader)
Title:  The Dragon’s Eye
Author:  Dugald A. Steer
Rating:  5 stars
The Dragon’s Eye is about Beatrice and Daniel going to summer school about dragons. They go into a shop called ” Dr. Drakes Dragonalia” where they find a dragon in a large room. Dr. Drake sees Daniel and slams the door shut. Beatrice is upstairs ringing the bell and sees a red faced Emery stomping out the door. Dr. Drake and Daniel come upstairs and says hello to both of them even though he already saw Daniel. They go to Dr. Drake’s castle for summer school. They see Darcy, Billy, and Alicia that went there before. The kids had to write down what dragons look like and do. Weasel and Schorcher were the first ones to study because they are always calm. However, another dragon named Jamal is a bit hard because he steals objects that people just leave lying around.
   The Dragon’s Eye is a wonderful book. I think that it’s a good book because you never know what’s going to happen in the next paragraph or chapter. It makes you want to read, read, and read for hours. I loved it so much that I read about three chapters a day. That’s how good it is.
   I would recommend this book for people who like or love dragons and/or adventure. If a hater of them tried to read this book they would throw the book and rip it apart, that would torture the book! If you aren’t a hater of dragons and/or adventure then you have to read this book!

Reviewer:  Samantha (5th grader)
Title:  The Red Pyramid
Author:  Rick Riordan
Rating:  5 stars
The Red Pyramid is about a brother and sister named Carter and Sadie. They act like they don’t even know each other since their mother died. On Christmas Eve Carter and Satie get to see each other every thing was supposed to be wonderful, but everything wasn’t wrong. Their father gets kidnapped. Their uncle Amos takes them which they don’t even know is their uncle yet. They also get stuck in another problem which is to stop the God of Chaos from ruling the world. Now they must find their father before bad things happen to him. They will also need to stop the God of Chaos before he takes over the world.
   I liked the book because it kept you waiting at the end of every chapter. It was a good book if you like Greek mythology.  It was a fantastic adventure book.  I really liked this book because it had amazing characters.
   I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Greek mythology. It is a very interesting book. It has some facts in there too. I think anyone with a fifth grade reading level could read this, the book has some difficult words. It is also a good educational book. It tells about Greek mythology. It is one of the best books I have ever read.

Reviewer: Anthony (5th grader)
Title: The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Author: Beverly Clearly
Rating:  5 stars
The Mouse and the Motorcycle is one of the best Beverly Cleary books I have ever read in my life. The Mouse and the Motorcycle has a lot of sad stuff, little sad silly parts of the book, ooh, also pretty funny stuff. The names are Keith (the human) Ralph (the mouse).
   One of the cool parts I like is this little mouse gets to ride a little motorcycle which is awesome. I don’t get to even dirt bike half the time he gets to motorcycle.
   This is the first book I’ve read and finished from Beverly Cleary. Beverly Cleary is my #2 favorite author in the world. You have to read this!

Reviewer:  Vance (5th grader)
Title: The Titan’s Curse
Author: Rick Riordan
Rating:  5 stars
The Titan’s Curse is the third book in the series about a teen, Percy Jackson, who is the son of Poseidon. In this story Percy and his friends, Thalia and Annabeth, go to meet their other friend Grover who is a satyr. Grover said he has found two demigods, Bianca and Nico di Angelo. Percy, Thalia, Annabeth, and Grover have to tell them who they are and take them back to camp. But Mr. Thorn is keeping them away and he turns out to be a monster. Then Annabeth is kidnapped by him! So now Percy, Thalia, and Grover have to go save her.
   I loved this book because it really excites you by making you think it’s going to be a boring book but then it gets interesting. My favorite part is when they are at a junkyard and they have to kill a prototype of some monster.
   I would recommend this book to people who like Greek mythology. This book is based on Greek myths. Percy’s father is the Greek god Poseidon and his mother is a mortal. You should read this book!

Reviewer:  Breanna (5th grader)
Title:  The Search for Wondla
Author:  Tony Diterlizzi
Rating:  5 stars
The Search for Wondla is about a girl named Eva Nine. Eva lives in a sanctuary underground and doesn’t get to explore a lot. However the queen’s huntsman breaks in to the sanctuary. Eva Nine is forced to leave. After two days her sanctuary is still on fire from Besteel and she runs away from her life that is burning up. Eva Nine then runs into a creature. Later in the book Eva Nine fights for her life and makes new friends. Eva Nine also has to find the mysterious piece of clothing her Wondla fabric goes to.
   I loved this book! It draws your attention by the word usage and creature description. My favorite part was we’re Eva Nine is running through a village and the huntsman is right on her trail. Another part is where she is stuck in Besteel campsite. This is one of my favorite parts!
   I recommend this book to people who like mythical worlds and characters. Why I say people who like mythical worlds is because the creatures in this book are outstanding! This book caught my attention, I hope it catches yours!

Reviewer: Aspen (5th grader)
Title: Wedding Crasher
Author: Geronimo Stiltion
Rating: 4 stars
Wedding Crasher is about a mouse going to this castle made out of rotten cheese, bricks, and chewing gum. One of his cousins pull pranks on him just to embarrass him . Then the famous publisher meets Princess Plane Paws. At the dining table Princess Plane Paws was serving everyone like a maid and that was the discussion at the table. Then he heard a cling up in the tower so he left to go check it out, it was bags full of money and one person counting it. The famous publisher sister steps in and made Princess Plane Paws totally cute. Then she found her family’s money and left to town.
   I really like this book. This book made me think that I was at the wedding and all my relatives were nice. I liked how the author made it so you never know what is going to happen next. My favorite part is when the mouse went into the tower and found bags of money.
   I would recommend this to my friends, me and my friends like to pull pranks on our parents. This book has lots of pranks in the book. You should really read this book.

Reviewer: Jacob (5th grader)
Title: Warriors Into the Wild
Author: Erin Hunter
Rating: 5 stars
This book is about a cat named Rusty who is going on an adventure to the wild where there are Shadowclan warriors. Lionheart , Tigerclaw, Longtail, and Bluestar are going to train Rusty to become a warrior. Rusty might just be the bravest warrior of them all. Rusty is going to help the Thunderclan warriors or any clan to beat the Shadowclan warriors. Rusty had to earn it to become a warrior so she fought long tail and won. Rusty’s new name was Firepaw. Thunderclan was fighting a war against Shadowclan. Firepaw fights as hard as he can. Firepaws new name is Fireheart because he has a big heart.
What I liked about this book is that Rusty was just a housecat but then he found his destiny to become a Thunderclan warrior. What I did not like about the book is that so man cats died. The saddest part is that Redtail dies.
   I recommend this book to people that love reading and want a book by Erin Hunter.

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