Review: The Moon Coin

The Moon Coin (Moon Realm, #1)The Moon Coin by Richard Due
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give 4 stars to books I enjoyed while reading and would probably read again. I think The Moon Coin has enough flavor and depth that I can read it again and get more out of it.

For a feel of the beginning of The Moon Coin, picture what might come into being if you took C.S. Lewis and Dr. Seuss and locked them in a room until they wrote a book together. Got that? And then Dr. Seuss gets kicked out and the whole thing takes a rather J.R.R. Tolkien turn.

As much as I love the above authors, it took me until halfway through The Moon Coin to really get into it. Everything in this book is sweeping fantasy–from the unbelievable fantastic plucked from little children’s imagination to the world-creating planned by more mature minds. There isn’t an ounce of reality to this book. Ok, so iPods and a few other modern day products are mentioned, but otherwise, it’s pure fantasy.

There are a lot of runaway descriptions throughout, so if that kind of thing bores you, you might be skipping around a bit. But the storyline and characters are worthwhile for you to keep going with it. The tale gets thicker and deeper as you read on.

The characters were interesting and individual, though I felt like Lily’s character changed rather abruptly, and a few characters haven’t been explained enough yet. But they kept my attention and I felt interested in them.

Be warned that the end of this tale does not get wrapped up in the least. Instead, it comes to a sudden (but planned) halt, to be continued in book two. I enjoyed it enough that I’ll be reading book two to find out what happens.

I recommend The Moon Coin to anyone who likes reading middle-grade fantasy, delving into strange worlds, and discovering quirky characters.

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