Review: Lawless

LawlessLawless by Jeffrey Salane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lawless was a fun middle-grade read that I know I can get more out of when I read it again.

This action-packed “spy” book is about eleven-year-old M (yes, that’s her name). We’re eased into the strangeness of her life till now — a homeschooled education in profiling people, spotting forgeries, taking in her surroundings, lying, planning escape routes — when she’s suddenly taken from her home and thrown into a dangerous full-time school dedicated to studying those things and more. For a successful life of crime.

M’s story is full of twists and crazy action and middle-grade humor. Just when I thought I’d figured out where things were headed, I realized I’d been thrown for a loop! While Lawless played the old card of “kid going off to boarding school,” it did so in a fun way with a cool twist. My biggest complaint was that the main character M felt older than the 11-12 years she was supposed to be, and the ending was a bit exaggerated. But other than that, the story worked.

The reading level is aimed at middle-grade readers. I think anyone who likes action, spy-type books and enjoys a good puzzle-solver will have fun with this book.

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