Photo(s) of the Day: 3 Naughty Kittens


Okay, so there are four kittens here, not three. Here’s the story behind these little guys. I was at an outside restaurant and happened to look up at the building in front of me. I saw this window right above the patio roof, with four black and white kittens poking their heads out, mewing and looking for their mom. Shortly after I took this photo, mama cat jumped up onto the patio’s tin roof and shooed her kittens back inside.


Cats roam wild all over Greece. On top of parked cars, under parked cars, hiding under outdoor restaurant tables, curled up in the grass. They don’t belong to anyone, though sometimes kind-hearted people leave out water or food for them. They’re just there. In this photo, there are four cats hanging out in the afternoon shade.

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