Photo of the Day: Albuquerque

Recently, I made a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The landscape throughout the area seemed to change everywhere I went, which was crazy impressive! I’ll post some of the photos I took for you to see.


Some areas of Albuquerque offered amazing views of the rest of the city and the mountains.


Albuquerque used to be (and, in some ways, still is) a bustling train hub. Some of the old train yards are no longer used as a main hub, so now “The Yards” employs itself as a cool spot for events like wine tastings, art fairs, and farmer’s markets.


ABQ Yards
One of the abandoned buildings in The Yards. I thought this was a cool perspective through the broken glass. I like that someone thought the place was “spooky.” At night, I bet it really is — with the moon shining through the broken colored glass onto all that debris inside, casting crazy shadows every which way!


Old Town
Old Town Albuquerque is a colorful neighborhood with lots of shops and Mexican restaurants, and the museums are right next door.


Rio Gorge Bridge
In the northern part of New Mexico, I drove over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and looked down over 600 feet into the gorge that the river runs through. I even got to see a group of mountain goats while I was there.


66 Diner
There are few things more “American” than eating breakfast at a 50s-feelin’ joint right on old Route 66. Excellent bonus: the food was great!


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