Most Annoying Characters

Have you ever read a book where there was a character you just wished would get turned into pudding and eaten by a wild hippo? Or at least that he or she would decide to leave the book never to return? Who are these annoying characters?

(Drumroll, please!) Here’s my top five list of most annoying characters, in no particular order:


  • Esmond Falvey (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey): He always has to be right and he’s definitely nosy.
  • Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter): He’s such a snot.
  • Eustace Scrubb (The Chronicles of Narnia): The first line of the book says it all: “There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.”
  • Chadwick (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey): A grownup who whines and looks like a giraffe? Definitely annoying.
  • Lockhart (Harry Potter): Anyone who can’t stop showing you his teeth should not be allowed outside a dentist’s office.

    What character do you love to hate? Who makes you scowl and shake your fist, or groan and bang your head?


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      E.S. Ivy March 10, 2013 (11:53 am)

      This shows my age, but:
      Nellie Olson in the “Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
      Bounce, the farm hand in “Blue Willow” by Doris Gates – wants to charge the destitute crop workers for the shack he doesn’t own and pocket the money himself, but it turns out to be their ticket to a permanent job when Janey has the courage to go to the owner, inadvertently tells on him and gets him fired!

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        VKF March 10, 2013 (3:21 pm)

        Nellie Olson is a good one — I remember feeling quite avenged when Laura let Nellie get “blood suckers” stuck on her legs!