Me and my costumes


Maybe it’s a side effect from my days in drama, but I really like dressing up. For one thing, I think it helps me connect with my characters on a different level, getting to actually “stand in their shoes,” so to speak. For another thing, it’s really fun — for both me AND my readers! Everyone usually loves it when I show up in costume.

For most of my events, I dress as a character from one of the Discoveries of Arthur Grey books. But I don’t always get to explain my costume at these events. So I’m going to start a new blog series focusing on the different costumes I wear. I’ll start it off with the first character I dressed as:



Idolette is such a fun character to dress as because she has so many different looks. This day, I went with her hot-pink hair and a bright outfit, since she’s known for dressing to get attention. But Idolette also likes to dress in traditional ethnic clothing from around the world. She’s been known to show up in Dutch clogs and hat, in a Japanese kimono, in an ancient-Greek chiton, or even hippie bell-bottoms.

Check out some examples of Idolette’s outfit inspirations.


Bell bottom pants

Bell bottom pants were popular in the 1960s and were worn by both men and women


Dutch Dress

A traditional Dutch outfit, including the Dutch hat and wooden shoes



A formal Japanese kimono, intricately designed, with wide sleeves and a large sash


Idolette Greek

The ancient Greeks’ chiton was a long tunic worn by both men and women


I hope you enjoyed an inside look at some of Idolette’s costumes. Coming up soon: my Egyptian costume!


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