Me and my costumes, part 3

WP Arts Fair 4

The Gypsy

You’ve seen my Idolette look and my Egyptian costume. Now, I’ll tell you about my gypsy outfit. This costume is based on the “fortune-teller” Arthur meets in The Minotaur Riddle. She’s called “gypsy” in the book because that’s the name popularly used and what kids would understand. However, she would actually refer to herself as Roma.

The Roma are a people who were originally nomadic, which shows in today’s world because you can find groups of them not just in Greece and Romania, but all throughout Europe, including Spain and even Finland. They might have migrated to Europe from India nearly one thousand years ago. In Greece, as well as other countries, the Roma live in their own communities, often segregated from the rest of the population. Some live in tents, others in bungalows, while still others have integrated into their local society. Many of the Roma survive in poor living conditions and have not been to school.

The term “gypsy” probably came from the name the Greeks called them by, back when the Greeks thought these wandering people had come from Egypt. But they often refer to themselves as Romani or Roma, depending on what subgroup they come from.

There are a few stereotypes that have followed the Roma around over the centuries, some of which are close to the truth and some of which are exaggerated tales. What the Roma are most truthfully popular for is their love of music and dance. You might see them dressed in traditionally bright skirts and shirts, maybe wearing headscarves, but some dress in everyday modern clothing.

My costume has some romanticized flair because it’s based on fiction. I wore a headscarf and bells and lots of bracelets and anklets.

Gypsy Roma

In real Roma communities you might find clothing more like any of these:

Glykia barack

Komotini Zarie

Roma Outfits

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