Me and my costumes, part 2

Isis Costume
In a previous post, I gave an insider look at my character Idolette and her outfits, several of which I’ve used for my own costumes. Now, let me tell you about another costume I wore on a few occasions:


Isabelle as Goddess Isis

Isabelle Isis 2

I have to admit, this costume was a fun one because I was dressed as someone who was dressed as someone! Isabelle Siegfried is a character we meet in The Eye of Amun, and she appears on the scene in her own costume as the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis was an Egyptian protectress goddess, mother of the falcon-headed god Horus. What we know about Isis comes from ancient Egyptian art and sculptures, drawings found in tombs, and writings such as The Book of the Dead.

The costume I wore incorporated a simple white dress with a typical Egyptian collar and wrist cuffs, which were in gold (which was popular in ancient Egypt, as seen in their art) and turquoise. Isabelle, as Isis, would have worn the goddess’s throne-shaped crown, which I didn’t have for my costume. For my hair, I tried to match what a lot of the Isis art shows: smooth, with bangs straight across the forehead. The heavy eyeliner around the eyes also lent to the look we often see in ancient Egyptian paintings.

Here are some images portraying the goddess Isis, which Isabelle might have used for her own inspiration!


Isis Goddess

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