Make a Square Base 3D Pyramid

Square Pyramid Easy 11

Here’s a fun craft that doesn’t take too long, and you can decorate it however you like when you’re done!

1. Start with a piece of square origami paper on the table in front of you, colored side up. (Or use other lightweight paper in your choice of color/design.) Fold one edge to the other horizontally, crease, and unfold. Then make the vertical edge-to-edge fold, crease, and unfold.


2. Flip the paper over and fold one corner of the paper up to the opposite corner, creasing it on the diagonal, then unfold. Repeat with the other two corners, creasing on the opposite diagonal, and unfold. The paper should look like this when you’re done:

Square Pyramid Easy 1

3. Bring one of the mountain-fold creases to line up with its neighboring lefthand valley-fold and crease, forming another valley fold between the two, like this:

Square Pyramid Easy 2

4. Repeat step 3 for each mountain fold. It’s ok if they unfold as you go. The paper should like like this when you’re done:

Square Pyramid Easy 4

5. Bring each of the 4 mountain-folds back toward the neighboring valley-folded corner to form an angular pyramid.

Square Pyramid Easy 5

Square Pyramid Easy 6

6. Hold it so you can see the inside. Fold the triangular ends to the inside of the model.

Square Pyramid Easy 7

Square Pyramid Easy 8

Square Pyramid Easy 10

7. Once all the pointed edges are folded over, make a mountain-fold on each of the four open sides of the pyramid. These folds sharpen the edges of the pyramid.

Square Pyramid Easy 9

8. Done!

Square Pyramid Easy 11

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