It’s Greek to Me: Athens

In The Minotaur Riddle, Arthur Grey gets to visit the city of Athens. This city in Greece has been around for thousands of years and you’ll find a lot of evidence of this.

Olympics StadiumThe Panathenaic Stadium was used for Olympic games as far back as 330 BC! It’s been renovated over the centuries and was used for the modern Olympics that Greece hosted in the 1800s and again in 2004.

ParthenonThe Parthenon is a site famous the world over. It’s suffered a lot over the centuries and had pieces taken away to museums all over the world and, yes, it always has scaffolding around it. But it’s amazing and you can’t get a real feel for just how huge it is until you’re standing beneath it.

Acropolis MuseumThe New Acropolis Museum was surprisingly cool. The top floor of the museum is arranged exactly like the real Parthenon — with the exact number of columns and the relief sculptures placed just how they were on the Parthenon (only lower, so we can see them). The rest of the museum contains statues (some that still have a bit of their old coloring left) and other artifacts. Below the museum — ready for this? — is an actual archaeological dig (pictured above)! Apparently, a site was found right where they wanted to dig for the museum, so they hiked the museum up and put a transparent floor in some areas so you can see the city they are digging up beneath it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid in GreekFinally, just for fun, who knew that Diary of a Wimpy Kid had gone Greek?


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    Adan Vega June 4, 2016 (12:03 pm)

    What Greek letter is the one that looks like the number six in the title for the diary of a wimpy kid?

    • comment-avatar
      VKF June 28, 2016 (10:48 am)

      Great question! I believe that is a lowercase sigma (s).