Treasure Hunts


Set out on your own adventure:

The Discoveries of Arthur Grey Treasure Hunts!


My book series covers a number of themes, but one important message is “never stop learning.” Part of learning is getting up to search and have an adventure. So, in the spirit of that, I’ve started this “Treasure Hunts” game. The premise is simple: I’ll hide something and give clues, and, if you can understand enough clues in time, YOU can be the one to find the treasure.

If you dare!


Treasure Hunt #2 (COMING SOON)


Treasure Hunt #1: DISCOVERED

(This hunt has been solved)

LOCATION: Woodland Park, CO, USA

FIND: The Society’s Traitor book with my hand-drawn sketch inside


BONUS: Follow the instructions with the prize and you can ALSO get an Arthur Grey & Griffin toy figure set!

– “Up the pass and through the woods, toward Grandmother’s Kitchen we go!”
– Heed this warning:
    “Only on four days of the week can you find me:
    On the day of Woden, the day of Thor, the day of Frigga, and the day of Saturn.
    To find success, begin your search after ten o’clock but not after two.”
– Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the past.
– Arthur learned an important motto: “Preserve the Truth”.
– Checked out a book? It’s wise to look up from it now and again.
– Look for a red door.
– If all else fails, Laurel can point you in the right direction.
– Think you found your destination? Tell the person who greets you, “History hides the truth.”

(This hunt was solved by Allie. Check below for where she found the book.)


Cheers and good luck!


Treasure Hunt Answers

Treasure Hunt #1: The hidden book was found at the Ute Pass Historical Society in Woodland Park, CO. As you can tell from my books, I get into history and it’s important to me that we carefully dig up the past, that we preserve it, and that we even learn from it. History is inspirational, with the mind-blowing concept that there are bones and tools and writings all over this world that are THOUSANDS of years old! The Historical Society in Woodland Park is a guardian of some of the local history in the Ute Pass area. It’s like the Historia Society–only not hidden away! If you live in the area, come and see what secrets of the past they hold here.