Deja vu Lions

History has this uncanny way of popping up all over the place.

A while back, I was able to visit the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey. It was an incredible place for a writer who loves inspecting ancient artifacts. For the first time, I got to stand next to one of the famous “striding lions” that had been part of a Processional Way in what was once the city of ancient Babylon. Some 2600 years ago, there were about 120 such lions that guarded the way through the city. There I was, looking right up at one! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right?

So, imagine my pleased surprise when I get to see ANOTHER piece of this wall — on the opposite side of the world! My visit to the Chicago Oriental Institute Museum let me stand next to a second striding lion from that same processional way in Babylon.

How cool is that? Roaring cool!

Here are my two photos — years apart — of me standing next to Striding Lions.


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