Best Book Places to Visit

When I read a good book, it’s almost impossible for me not to wish it were real and I could visit the places in it. At least some parts (seriously, who wants to go on vacation to Mordor — “Get a facial with authentic Mount Doom ash or a massage from one of our professional orcs; autographs by the Witch King at extra charge.” Anyone?)

So — in no particular order — my list of book places I’d love to visit:

  • Bag End – Tolkien made Bilbo’s home so cozily inviting that I’d go have breakfast or elevensies with that Hobbit in a heartbeat. I actually got to visit the site where The Fellowship of the Rings filmed Hobbiton in New Zealand, although the Hobbit holes didn’t have anything in them. On a side note, the new site for the movie The Hobbit will be leaving the houses up, so you might be able to visit them one day and really go in Bag End!
  • Ivor Manor – Like Arthur, I dig a good mystery. Old Victorian homes have an air of secrecy about them — of something hidden and magical. Load the attraction of a hidden treasure onto that, and you’ve got the perfect place for exploring!
  • Hogwarts – Yes, it’s a school and who wants to go to school more than they have to? BUT. If you gotta go, what better place than in a castle? A magical castle at that! Rowling’s Hogwarts makes you forget that it’s classes and studying, because there’s so much to see and do. This is another place I’ve gotten to visit “in real life” when I went to Universal Studios in Orlando.
  • Professor Kirk’s house – Obviously, I like old houses. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I always wished I could visit the Professor’s house. It’s out of the city on lots of land and it’s got a magical wardrobe in it! Exploring is a must there.

    How about you? What book places would you visit if you could?


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