Bad News, Good News

With most projects come delays.

The bad news is, Arthur’s third adventure has been delayed.

The good news is, I’ve been spending my free time playing with Legos. “Um, how exactly is this good?” you might ask. Well, it gives me something to post! I know I’m not exactly a Master Builder, but, hey, I was just having some fun.

So here are my attempts at building Historia’s main entry point to Conservation. These are from The Society’s Traitor. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.


Arthur’s outside the gate, wondering if this adventure is such a good idea after all. Don’t forget to say your name clearly!

Arthur at the Gate

Inside Conservation’s gate, you’ll find two (unpleasant) characters waiting for you.

Gamble and Chadwick

Here’s the fountain where Arthur first met Pernille.

Arthur and Pernille

Somebody’s gotta clean up after the llamas. Chadwick wishes it didn’t have to be him.

Chadwick on Cleanup

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