Arthur Grey Lego Set

While waiting for the third Arthur Grey book to be released, I’ve been wrestling with Lego parts to build some scenes from the first two books. Last time I worked on Conservation’s main gate in Peru. Now I’ve really outdone myself. Really. As in, I tried to do way more than I’m good at.

So prepare to be astounded. Here is my hard work on the two lighthouse towers that the Initiates travel between to get to Elysium island in The Minotaur Riddle. I tried to make what’s SUPPOSED to be waves in the water. What do you think? 🙂


The two lighthouses on their rocky islands.

The Two Towers

Can you guess who all the characters are on the boat?

Spyglass Squad

Passing between the lighthouses. Don’t fall overboard or you might get eaten by a carnivorous seahorse!

Through the Gate

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