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Book 3 Announced!

The Discoveries of Arthur Grey series welcomes the newest book in the series! The Eye of Amun The Discoveries of Arthur Grey, Book 3 (Published by Panama Hat Publishing, Ltd.)   The ancient Book of Thoth has been hiding from humankind for thousands of years. Not even the Investigators of the Historia Society have been able to find any hint of it. So, when 13-year-old Arthur Grey gets to Egypt and finds a collection of lucky charms, he has high hopes of being the one to discover the ...

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Excellent Egyptian fare: Ful Medames

All the different places I've lived in and visited have given me a taste for different kinds of foods. Ful medames (or just ful, pronounced 'fool') is a favorite dish in Egypt. It's sometimes eaten for breakfast, but you can enjoy it whenever you like. If you use dried beans, which makes for the best taste, you'll need to start the night before you plan to eat it. Otherwise, you can use canned beans. For about 6 servings, you'll need: 2 cups dried *fava beans (broad beans) 1 cup ...

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