2 posts from day 21/11/2013

Fair = Great!

I was at the Chipita Park Arts & Crafts Fair in Colorado last weekend. There were some great crafts for sale there, and I even got myself an awesome winter hat. But, of course, the most exhilarating thing for me was seeing how excited everyone was about The Society's Traitor and The Minotaur Riddle! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially on the second day with all that wind! Here are some photos from the fair.

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A Minotaur in Space??

Forget the labyrinth, the Minotaur's now in space! Ok, so it's not a beast, but it's a rocket, and that's close enough. Since my second book is called The Minotaur Riddle, I thought it was pretty wild to have a "real" Minotaur going out into the great big black. Here's a site with some pretty cool photos of the launch. Space.com - Minotaur Rocket

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