3 posts from day 19/06/2013

Photo(s) of the Day: 3 Naughty Kittens

Okay, so there are four kittens here, not three. Here's the story behind these little guys. I was at an outside restaurant and happened to look up at the building in front of me. I saw this window right above the patio roof, with four black and white kittens poking their heads out, mewing and looking for their mom. Shortly after I took this photo, mama cat jumped up onto the patio's tin roof and shooed her kittens back inside. Cats roam wild all over Greece. On top of parked cars, under ...

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It’s Greek to Me: 9 ways to say what you mean in Greek

The great thing about speaking English is that most non-English countries make it a point to learn English. So you never feel like you need to learn a different language when you travel. We’re rather spoiled that way. But I try to learn some important vocabulary when I go to a country that has its own language. I’m pretty nerdy in that I made my own little booklet of Greek words. The people of Greece are very friendly and proud of their history and culture (and a long and complex history it ...

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Visiting Knossos

The ancient city of Knossos (pronounced k-NOHS-sohs on Crete) was rediscovered by Sir Arthur Evans in the early 1900s. He found amazing pieces of art and pottery in the maze-like city. But what Knossos is probably most famous for is the legend of the Minotaur. I was lucky enough to visit the ruin of Knossos. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that most of what’s there isn’t original, since Sir Evans had a LOT of reconstruction and repainting done. But it was still an amazing place. ...

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