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Author Conversation

In the near future, I get to visit one of my favorite elementary schools (Go, Ute Pass Ponies!). "What are you going to do there?" you might wonder. No, I will not be tap-dancing on your desks. But I'll do some talking. "What will you talk about?" you ask. Ah-HAH! That's where you come in. Usually, I give the interview questions to people, but now I have to ANSWER the questions that YOU ask. So get your typing skills ready, crack those knuckles (or don't. . .do the scientists of today still ...

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Reviewed by Kids Realistic Fiction #4

Rating Guide 5 stars - You have to read this!           4 stars - You should read this! 3 stars - You might like this.        2 stars - You probably won't like this. 1 star - This will make you want to bang your head on a wall! Reviewer: Ava Title: About Average Author: Andrew Clements Rating: 3 stars About Average is about a girl named Jordan. She has trouble in sixth grade. She gets into a tornado but the teacher gets knocked out by the door. So she has to save her ...

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