Meet V.K. Finnish

Meet V.K. Finnish

VK the Kid

When I was very Young

I grew up as a scrawny kid in a big-city zoo. Well, it wasn’t technically a zoo — but sometimes it sure FELT like it. There were five kids, an uncle in the attic, neighbor friends, and always lots of pets, including mice, hamsters, snakes, fish, four cats (plus kittens), and three dogs. Though not all at the same time, thankfully. That WOULD have been a zoo.

My parents always made sure we always had a library’s worth of books on-hand, so I grew up reading everything from encyclopedias to Peter Pan and the Grimm brothers, to Calvin and Hobbes, to Little House on the Prairie, to the Chronicles of Narnia and The Indian in the Cupboard, to historical adventures. Besides reading, I liked wandering the city on my bike, writing my own adventures, and occasionally tormenting my brothers and sisters. As the oldest, I told stories to my younger siblings to keep them out of trouble. It was very nice of me. And it helped me learn something important about myself: I love telling stories. Some other things I really liked doing were camping in Wisconsin, meeting neighbors from different countries, taking pictures with my 32mm film camera (does anyone know what that is?), and writing about adventures.


On my Own

As an adult, I moved around a lot: from the big city and its never-sleeping bustle, to the suburbs of quiet flocks of houses, then through the golden cornfields of the midwest. From there, I was rounded up to the open spaces and cowboy-celebrating lands of Texas, and then made a hike to the purple mountain peaks of Colorado. The Discoveries of Arthur Grey series was begun in a cramped apartment between moves, with unopened moving boxes serving for a table.

above: at the Mycenae ruins in Greece

After all this time, I still have too many pets — a dog and three spoiled cats. In recent years I have played the parts of an editor, a cake-decorator, a sales-person, an office manager, an ice cream server, and even a volunteer librarian. Whenever the wind changes, I get the urge to wander, and then I dig myself into another adventure.

[Finnish is the author of The Discoveries of Arthur Grey books, a series that twists together all her favorite genres into one epic adventure. If you can’t find her actually writing, she’s probably busy plotting new adventures (for family or characters), hiking, playing LEGO video games, wandering around on a travel, or snuggling with one of her four cats over a good middle-grade book.]
Cisterns Temple of Zeus
above: at the underground cisterns in Turkey above: at the Temple of Zeus in Athens.


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